Vannfjellian Royal Family

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Country Vannfjell
Titles His/Her Majesty
His/Her Royal Highness
Founder Robert
Current head Jessie
Founding year Formally: 2018
(Amended to 1967, to honor King Robert)
Ethnicity Vannfjellian
Cadet branches Duke/Duchess of Colochigan
Duke/Duchess of Pennginia
Duke/Duchess of Wyotah
Duke/Duchess of Ohilina
Duke/Duchess of Dakondiana
Earl/Countess of Dennapolis
Earl/Countess of Aritana
Earl/Countess of Monzona
Count/Countess of Illinsylvania

The House of Parnell-Daniel, more commonly known as the Royal Family of Vannfjell, is a branch of the Vannfjelli Nobility, a micronation landlocked in Colorado, USA. The current head of the Royal Family and Head of State is Queen Jessie of Vannfjell. As of current, the heir presumptive is Princess Marissa, Duchess of Colochigan and Pennginia, however should Queen Jessie marry and have issue, her eldest child will become heir apparent.


Vannfjell was formally founded by Queen Diana on 30 November 2018, as was the Royal Line. Diana, as queen, was more inactive in helping the foundation of Vannfjell than her daughter, Crown Princess Jessie. In February 2019, Diana and her second eldest daughter, Brittney, The Princess Royal were found to have participated in a privacy scandal in which they invaded the privacy of Crown Princess Jessie and her partner at the time. As a result, The Princess Royal and her husband were stripped of all of their titles effective 31 January 2020. Diana disappeared from the spotlight after the Crown Princess stopped speaking to her in March 2019. As a result, Jessie became queen on 21 February 2020, with her coronation taking place on her 24th birthday, 25 June. Jessie is more active in her roles and responsibilities as Queen. Princess Marissa has chosen to take a semi-active role due to her work with adults with disabilities. The third of Queen Jessie's elder sisters, Princess Chellby, Duchess of Wyotah, is completely inactive due to her role in the United States Military.

Line of Succession

Under Vannfjellian Royal Law, the Crown originally passed to whatever issue Diana was in favor of to take the throne, thus it was passed to Jessie. When the new law took effect after Jessie became queen, it was changed to absolute primogeniture, so upon the demise or abdication of the monarch, the next in line will take the throne.

In the unlikely event that any heirs of Queen Jessie refuse the Crown, The next in line will be a member of The Vannfjelli Peerage selected by the Royal Council.