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Varinian Florin
ISO 4217
Banknotesƒ10, ƒ20, ƒ50, ƒ100, ƒ200, ƒ500, ƒ1,000, ƒ2,000
Coins1c, 2c, 5c, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, ƒ1, ƒ2, ƒ5
User(s) Kingdom of Varina
Central bankNational Bank of Varina
PrinterNational Bank of Varina
Pegged with$0.40 (K0.20/t20)

The Varinian Florin was during its brief independence the national currency of the Kingdom of Varina. First introduced on April 16, 2013, its purpose was to replace the former micronational currency used by Varina, the Ultamian Katane. The Florin was divided into 20 Silver, then divided into 10 Copper. Unlike the Katane, the Florin was actually less valuable than the United States dollar, to which it was pegged at the value of 40 cents ($0.40), or 20 Taneda (K0.20). Additionally, the currency had eighteen instead of twelve denominations. These alterations were designed to make the trading of micronational goods easier. The Florin was declared the official currency of Varina on April 20, 2013.

Design and format

An advertisement for currency exchange between USD and VAF made on April 17th, 2013.

Florin coins and bills were square and rectangular, respectively, and were composed of a white area, in a circular shape along the sides, on top of a background color corresponding to the denomination "group" of the bill. There were four groups of bills, Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While the Copper and Silver groups are derived directly from their subunit, Gold and Platinum were split at the 100 Florin note, which has a platinum background.

Each denomination had a certain background and color combination. This second color was found in a triangular shape along all four corners of the denomination, and had the purpose of easy identification in a stack or wallet. In a certain group, the lowest denomination had red. From there, the pattern went blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange.


Florin coins carried the denomination in the center, the coat of arms and bank on the top, and the minting year on the bottom. Unlike most coins, this face represented both sides of the coin.

Denomination Image Color Created Value (USD) Value (ULK)
1 Copper Copper with red April 16, 2013 $0.002 K0.001
2 Copper Copper with blue April 16, 2013 $0.004 K0.002
5 Copper Copper with green April 16, 2013 $0.01 K0.005
1 Silver Silver with red April 16, 2013 $0.02 K0.01
2 Silver Silver with blue April 17, 2013 $0.04 K0.02
5 Silver Silver with green April 17, 2013 $0.10 K0.05
10 Silver Silver with yellow April 17, 2013 $0.20 K0.10
1 Florin Gold with red April 18, 2013 $0.40 K0.20
2 Florins Gold with blue April 18, 2013 $0.80 K0.40
5 Florins Gold with green April 18, 2013 $2.00 K1.00


The background design of the bills was the white circle of the coin extended horizontally. The obverse carried the coat of arms and bank name along the top, denomination name in the center, a serial number on the left, and printing date at the bottom. The serial number, in the format #######, designated that that bill is the nth one of its denomination printed by that bank. Thus, the first 10 Florin bill ever printed by the National Bank of Varina, for example, would have carried the serial number NBV-0000001. The reverse carried the same denomination name, positioned left, with a black-and-white picture to the right with the national motto, Victoriam per lumen, arced above the denomination. Pictures that were to be used for the bills were taken on April 16, 2013 and featured all three territories of Varina as well as King David I.

No currency of the bill format was ever produced.

Denomination Obverse Color Created Value (USD) Value (ULK)
10 Florins Gold with yellow April 19, 2013 $4.00 K2.00
20 Florins Gold with purple April 19, 2013 $8.00 K4.00
50 Florins Gold with orange April 19, 2013 $20.00 K10.00
100 Florins Platinum with red April 20, 2013 $40.00 K20.00
200 Florins Platinum with blue April 20, 2013 $80.00 K40.00
500 Florins Platinum with green April 20, 2013 $200.00 K100.00
1000 Florins Platinum with yellow April 20, 2013 $400.00 K200.00
2000 Florins Platinum with purple April 20, 2013 $800.00 K400.00

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