Kingdom of Varina

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Kingdom of Varina
Flag of Varina.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Lameiniyana sorala
(Latin: Victoriam per lumen)
(English: Victory Through Light)
Anthem: Our Hymn to Heaven (National)
Marche pour la Cérémonie des Turcs (Royal)
File:Pennsylvania, USA
Largest cityDekker
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
David I
EstablishmentMarch 31st 2013
• Census
CurrencyVarinian Florin
United States dollar
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)
Preceded by
Republic of Ultamiya

The Kingdom of Varina was a micronation in Pennsylvania. One of three successor states to the Republic of Ultamiya, Varina was established on March 31, 2013, occupying the area of the former Capital District of Ultamiya. Varina was an absolute monarchy run by King David I, the former president of Ultamiya. At its height, Varina comprised four areas, two of which were jointly controlled with its ally, the Kingdom of Michrenia.


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The area which Varina occupies became independent from the United States on March 27, 2010 as the Republic of Ultamiya's Capital District. Throughout the next three years it served as the political, economic, and cultural capital of the country, with a majority of events occurring inside it. The Capital District housed the central bank, the entire mining industry, a sizable amount of the agriculture industry, and a majority of the armaments of the Ultamian Army of the Republic, among other things, which made it vital to Ultamiya's existence. Unfortunately, the district slowly fell into disrepair and inactivity; therefore, Ultamiya's presence in the micronational world collapsed.

Following the announcement on March 15, 2013 of the dissolution of Ultamiya, the residents of the country scrambled in an attempt to put their affairs in order. At the dissolution on March 27, the district of Michrenia became an independent Kingdom, Gogania an empire, and the Capital, Shimate, and Fort Manhalia Military District were once again American. Shimate and Fort Manhalia were quickly claimed by Michrenia; it was not until March 31, however, that the last district, the Capital, became a micronational entity again, and this is what the former president David turned into Varina, with himself as its King.

Varina had actually already been half-prepared for independence; while Ultamiya organized a flag, a coat of arms, an anthem, a motto, and a government the night before it was founded, Varina, had its flag and anthem made on October 6, 2012. Varina had actually been created months before as a Minecraft world, and David had decided, after the announcement of dissolution, that Varina would be his next micronation. The declaration of independence was signed at 7:35 PM, on March 31, 2013. A coat of arms, a motto, and a government were all designed on that day. Starting the following day, Varina began opening diplomatic relations. It also opened a news outlet, The Varinian Post, and commissioned the first map of the Ultamian Sector.

On April 5, 2013, Varina began seeking more territory with the claim of Fort Manhalia Military District, declaring it part of its core. However, this dispute was quickly cleared when Varina agreed to a military alliance with Michrenia, the two nations sharing both Fort Manhalia and Shimate.

By April 16, Varina had started work on its own currency, the Florin, as a successor to the Ultamian Katane. The Florin was made gradually through the following week, and began printing on April 21. On the same day, the Free State of Dekker became a Varinian province.

Starting on April 26, a lot of focus was put into Minecraft, with the city of Sokotra being declared the District of Witaria on May 2. Varina also claimed Minaka in the process.

Activity quieted down immensely heading into the summer, though on June 25, Varina switched its national anthem to Our Hymn to Heaven, the first original melody created since Ultamiya's first anthem.

Varina was declared inactive at some point around mid-July and never resurfaced.



Varina was the capital and second-largest city of the Kingdom. It had a population of four and an area of 18,987 square feet. Varina was one of the most micronationally-active cities in the entire Ultamian Sector, not only being the capital of Ultamiya, but also being home to two companies, the Backyard Mining Corporation and the National Bank of Varina.

Fort Manhalia Military District

Fort Manhalia Military District was an installation managed by the Fort Manhalia Command. It was formally established on August 4, 2010 by the Ultamian Army of the Republic. It covered an area of about 28,000 square feet. Four battles were fought throughout its history.


Shimate was a jointly-owned city which had a population of two and an area of 11,238 square feet. Shimate was the smallest of Varina's four areas and the least-populous of its three cities. Established on June 20, 2010, Shimate had a thriving agricultural industry and a peaceful atmosphere.


Dekker was the last city to be incorporated into Varina, and was admitted upon the request of the Governor, Dylan of Dekker, on April 21, 2013. It had an area of 52,125 square feet, by far the largest territory of Varina, and six citizens, making it the largest city.


Varina was an absolute monarchy where the king's powers 23re completely uninhibited, making it an autocracy. The king is responsible for the military, foreign affairs, the treasury, any and all commissions including news outlets, videos, maps, charts, et al., and the image of Varina in general.

The people of Varina exercised the same rights as those found in the Third Constitution of the Republic of Ultamiya.


Varina had two industries, agriculture and mining. Both were managed by one person, though people from each industry tended to help the other.


The people of Varina farmed tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, parsley, various herbs, onions, and strawberries. Most of these were produced annually, but some rotations were made, and very rarely was something produced in the same plot twice in a row.


The mining industry in Varina dated back to 2003. Like in Ultamiya, it was a monopoly controlled by the King, who at the time controlled the Backyard Mining Corporation. The Corporation processed numerous products, including sandstone, coal, pyrite, and other minerals.

Foreign affairs

Varina began its foreign affairs on April 1, 2013. At its inactivity, it had informal relations with ten nations, four of which are in the Ultamian Sector, and one, Michrenia, with which Varina is in a military alliance.