Xonbian Empire

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The Xonbian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Before silence there must a noise
Anthem: March of the British Grenadiers
CapitalThe munchipalite of que-eye-eve-ley
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
• Supreme Emthra
Levi Newman
• Grand Emthra
Vacant (formerly Louie Newman)
Establishment10 January 2011
• (as of 2012 census) census
Time zone(UTC+1)
Anexed and made apart of the Kingdom of New Lundy


Xon- a cool word Bia= a nation


During the reestablishment of Lundy is was proposed a government force whould be useful, the government force lasted for two months beacause of comments made by the President of Mons.

It was then replaced by the Xonbian Empire which was ruled by the Emthra. Subsequently, the United Principality was made to keep the peace. Soon after it's creation, civil war broke out bettween the two. The war was won by Xonbia but it was later decided that the Empire needed a Monarchy. Instead of replacing the Emthra, they demoted the Xonbian Empire to status of Colonial Empire and the United Democratic Counties Of Xonbia was made. to this day the Emthra still has authority. However, there authority has been significantly reduced.

Diplomatic relations

The Xonbian Empire has relations with the République du Padrhom, Republic of Caladonia and Hyladia. It lacks allies, due to the Empires lack of Consideration for other nations.


Despite being a former member of Union Against Micronational War, the Xonbian Empire has been in four wars;

  • The War of the Chosen, a small fight qhich took place April 4, 2009 - April 5, 2009
  • The Upean war, a small civil was that lasted through the New Year of 2011-2012
  • The Bristol war, a war declaration against all micronations in the Bristol channel. 2011–present
  • The Second War of the Chosen, a war against the Empire of Pristina for the deletion of the first MicroWiki page January 12, 2012 - January 17, 2012
  • The Mons-domanglian war a war caused by a racist comment and a harsh and unfair response.

Emtheirial government

To ease diplomatic relations and the government decisions, Xonbia is currently a Semi-Dictatorship. At the beginning of the Xonbian Empire, there used to be a two heads government. These were the Grand Emthra and the Supreme Emthra. None could make decisions without the permission of the other. Faced with a stalemate to sign a treaty of mutual recognition, Levi Newman (the Supreme Emthra) used his power to expel the Grand Emthra. This led to the Upean war.

Colonies and land

  • New Lundy Island, Antarctica
  • Colony of Menth: Martian Antarctic
  • South Central Antarctic Colony: Antarctic land considered to be a Independent nation
  • Lundy island: The main part of the Empire, often considered the capital


The Xonbian Empire considers itself to be a macronation rather than a micronation. It claims areas of Antarctic, along with parts of the British Overseas Territories.

Full name

The full name of the Xonbian Empire is The Democratic Parliament Constructional Monarchy and Peaceful Colonial Empire of Xonbia, it is more commonly referred to as the Xonbian Empire


Mainly based in Lundy the monarchy is mainly a figure head and has no executive power. It is a great sense of pride for the people of the Xonbian Empire

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Alternate names

Lundia, Lundian Empire, Lundian Counties, The New Glitish Empire