2022 Roscamistan senatorial election

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July 2022 Roscamistan senatorial election

← elected Senate established 4–5 July 2022 (first round)
9-10 July 2022 (second round)
January 2023 →

9 seats
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Jan Kotoński[b] Ezekiel Ensor Tobey Wyles[a]
Party Republican Bloc Syndicalist Party National Party
Leader since 21 April 2022 21 May 2022 18 April 2022
Last election None None None
Seats before 4 2 1
Seats won 4 1 2
Seat change None -1 +1
Caucus Majority Minority Majority

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Devin Purcell Nyck Bradaten[c] Addison O'Halloran
Party Forward Party Sheetfuckery Party Pirate Party
Leader since 15 May 2022 10 July 2022 19 April 2022
Last election new party new party None
Seats before 0 0 1
Seats won 1 1 0
Seat change +1 -1
Caucus Majority Majority

  Seventh party
Leader N/A
Party Independents
Leader since N/A
Last election None
Seats before 3
Seats won 0
Seat change -3
Caucus N/A

Majority Leader before election

Jan Kotoński

Elected Majority Leader

Jan Kotoński

The July 2022 Roscamistan senatorial election was the first election to the Senate after it was made an elected body. The Republican Bloc, under Majority Leader Jan Kotoński won 4 seats, and came out on top as the party with the most seats. As the Senate was reduced from 12 to 9 seats, atleast three people were to lose their seats. The minority caucus was reduced to one person, and as the only minority senator, Hunt Powell became Minority Leader of the Senate.


The Senate was originally constituted in February 2022 as an appointed upper house of the National Assembly. The Senate would have had its 12 members appointed by the President and were to be delegates of minority ethnic groups, smaller parties and people who weren’t elected to the Chamber of Representatives. In late June 2022, the Senate Reform Act was passed, which changed the composition of the Senate to 9 seats, and made it elected. The members of the 1st Senate were to keep their seats until the election, of which atleast three would not be re-elected as the amount of seats decreased by a quarter.


  1. Tobey Wyles serves as de facto leader of the National Party in the Senate, as Party Leader Rafe Burfield serves in the Chamber of Representatives
  2. Kotoński serves as Majority Leader of the Senate, and as such also serves as de facto leader of Republican Bloc in the Senate, as the actual party leader, Thomas Jacobs, serves as a representative
  3. Party constituted itself on day of results, so it is shown here, as opposed to Bradaten being an independent during the actual ballots being open