2District (Los Papangeles)

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Sub-district of the City-District of Los Papangeles

Map displaying the contiguous departments of the City-State, with Los Papangeles in New Kronsborg highlighted.

Location City-District of Los Papangeles
New Kronsborg
Free City-State of Edenopolis


2District is a sub-district of the City-District of Los Papangeles, the capital city of the Free City-State of Edenopolis. It lies at a height of around 187 ft.

2District is the governmental quarter of the City-District; it is known mostly for hosting both the Advisory Palace (the seat of the Board of Royal Advisors) and Embassy Row (where all diplomatic missions to Edenopolis go).


The name "2District" comes from a conjoining of the phrase "2D" - short for "two-dimensional", given the district being two-dimensional - and "district".

Notable buildings

Embassy Row in 2District

2District is host to two key roads to the political infrastructure of Edenopolis; Embassy Row, where the diplomatic missions of foreign nations are sent insofar as embassies are concerned, and Palatial Square, where the Advisory Palace, the seat of the Board of Royal Advisors, is built.