Embassy Row (Edenopolis)

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Embassy Row (road)
Location: Free City-State of Edenopolis
Photograph of Embassy Row, taken 6th November 2016
6th November, 2016, by Royal Edict 2016-11-XVI[1]
Los Papangeles
New Kronsborg
Free City-State of Edenopolis
Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth
Empire of Shorewell
United States of Wings
Empty embassy buildings
Embassies are Edenopolitical National Landmarks[2]

Embassy Row is a road in 2District of the City-District of Los Papangeles in the Free City-State of Edenopolis set aside specifically for the purpose of housing the diplomatic missions to Edenopolis. Created by the sixteenth Royal Edict of King Horatio Eden and built by the same King, it holds thirteen embassy buildings, three of which are presently in use by the diplomatic missions of the Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth, the United States of Wings and the Empire of Shorewell.


The road itself crosses a junction with another, unnamed road. The Embassy of Abelden sits on the top left corner of this junction, opposite the Embassy of the Empire of Shorewell, which sits on the top right next to the Wingian Embassy. The remaining embassies are unoccupied.

Legal status

Royal Edict 2016-11-XVI[3] sets out that Embassy Row is to be used to house the Embassies of all future diplomatic missions until it is full. As a result, the Edenopolitical government directs all prospective Embassies to this road.

At the moment, there is space for a further eleven diplomatic missions to Edenopolis.

Additionally, the Royal Edict creating the road grants national landmark status to the Embassies belonging to Shorewell and Abelden, granting them additional protections under Edenopolitical law.