Academy of Timeria

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Academy of Timeria

Emblem of the AT
Motto:: Knowledge is Freedom
Established 4 February 2014
Type Educational and Research center
Students graduated
Minister of Education Zephyrinus Phaestus
Rector Jürgen Praxaze
General information
Location Hermenepolis, Senatorial Republic of Timeria
Colors   Yellow
Mascot Rabbit

The Academy of Timeria is a public institution of micronational education, specializing in disseminating knowledge of general culture to to form the citizens, and also conducting sociological, economic and technological research to improve Timeria.


The Academy was created on 4 February 2014.

Course to Access to Citizenship

Applicants for timerian citizenship conducted a course on the history of Timeria and General culture to demonstrate basic educational knowledge.


The Academy counts with nine departments, all of which are devoted to academic disciplines, serve also as institutions and research centres and offer courses.

  • Access to Citizenship
  • Timerian Law
  • Economy
  • Languages
  • History of Timeria
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Physics
  • Agriculture

GLORIA Project

From February 2015, the Acadeny of Timeria participates in the GLObal Robotic telescopes Intelligent Array for e-Science (GLORIA), a project funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2012) under grant agreement number 283783 for building up the first large scale network of free access robotic telescopes. It will allow any user to take images and actively participate to the their scientific exploitation. The project, which was initiated in October 2011, gives now access to thirteen telescopes: five in Spain, three in Chile, one in Argentina, two in the Czech Republic, one in South Africa and one in Russia. But more will be added soon.

List of reports and papers of the Academy of Timeria

Name Department Date
"Espectro del feminismo en el micronacionalismo" Article by Anna Lindström (Zealandia) translated to spanish by Wiew Wers Department of Languages June 2014
Journal of Timerian Space Agency - March 2015 Department of Physics March 2015
Democracy Index of Hispanic Micronations - August 2015 Department of Sociology August 2015
Journal of Timerian Space Agency - January 2016 Department of Physics January 2016