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Their Excellency The Right Honorable
Катіко (Slavtrian)

Face blurred due to privacy reasons
1st President of Slavtria
Assumed office:
27 February 2021
Prime Minister Brtalo (2021-2022)
Vacant (2022)
ZenithSD44 (2022)
Atomic (2022-present)
Predecessor Office established
1st Prime Minister of Lathio
Assumed office:
10 May 2022
Monarch ZenithSD44
Predecessor Office established
Slavtrian Ambassador to the United States
Assumed office:
21 October 2022
Predecessor Office established
Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Slavtria
Assumed office:
13 July 2021
Predecessor Office established
Prime Minister of Dogestan
In office:
29 August 2021 - 7 September 2022
Monarch Oscar I
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office dissolved
Personal Information
Born 16 February
Ohio, U.S.
Birth name Kaleb ?
Citizenship  United States
Dogestan (former, dissolved)
Nationality American
Political party Independent (2021)
Democratic Party of Slavtria (2021-present)
Other political
  • Independent (Dogestan)[b]
Residence Studia City, Slavtria
  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Musician
  • YouTuber
Known for President of Slavtria
Military service
Allegiance  Slavtria
Service/branch Republic of Slavtria Slavtrian Armed Forces
 •  Slavtrian Army
 •  Slavtrian Air Force
 •  Slavtrian Space Force
In service 2021 - Present
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Battles/wars Slavtrian Independence War
Koatian Independence War
Slavtrian-Communist War

Their Excellency, Catiko[c] (Slavtrian: Катіко) is an American micronational politician, entrepreneur, musician, and YouTuber who has been the President of Slavtria since its founding.


They are the founder and President of the Republic of Slavtria, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lathio, the Slavtrian Ambassador to the United States, the chairperson of the Democratic Party of Slavtria, the President of the Court of the Supreme Court of Slavtria, the Head of Copyright at the Copyright Office of Slavtria, the founder, chairperson, and CEO of SlavtriaBank, the founder and Parriarch of the Catiko Clan, the co-founder and Captain of the Fishe Family, and executive producer of shows at SNTV and its division, MediaSlav SNTV.

Catiko was the founder and chairperson of Micronations United and the Prime Minister of Dogestan. Micronations United and Dogestan were both dissolved during Catiko's leadership. They were also the 1st Chief of the Parliament of Slavtria, but they resigned in favor of Oscar I.

Early years

Catiko was born on 16 February at 1:55 PM EST in Ohio. Catiko has lived in Ohio their whole life, and does not plan on moving.


Catiko has a mother, father, two brothers, and their dog, King Oscar. They are also very close with their extended family.

Personal life

Catiko is gay and non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns. Catiko is openly gay and has come out to their family.

Catiko started releasing music through DistroKid under their own label, Catiko Records, currently having released one album, one deluxe album, two EPs, and seven singles.

Titles and styles

As President of Slavtria, Catiko's titles are as follows:

Short title
Their Excellency, Catiko MP SOW ROGR SOP HO (DCR Melit.)
Long title
Their Excellency The Right Honorable Vyzhivshiy-posle-voyny, Mx.[d] Catiko, President of the Republic of Slavtria and its Territories, Leader of the Military MP SOW ROGR SOP HO (DCR Melit.)
Styles of
Reference styleTheir Excellency
Spoken styleYour Excellency
Alternative styleMx


National Honors

Medal or Ribbon Country Honor Post-nominal letters
Slavtria Slavtrian Order of War SOW
Slavtria Slavtrian Order of the President SOP

Foreign Honors

Medal or Ribbon Country Honor Post-nominal
N/A Kingdom of Great Realeza Royal Order of Great Realeza ROGR
Democratic Christian Republic of Melite High Order of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite HO (D.C.R. Melit.)


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  2. 2.0 2.1 This micronation has/had no political parties.
  3. The titles of Catiko can be found in the section called Titles and styles.
  4. Since Catiko is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, they are called Mx. instead of Mr.