Chairman of the Executive Commitee of Oshad City

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The Chairman of the Executive Council of Oshad City (sometimes known as the Mayor of Oshad City) is the head of the Executive Committee of Oshad City and Head of Government in Oshad City, the Republic of Oshad's Capital.

Chairman of the Exectutive Council of Oshad City
Vorsitzender des Exekutivrats von Oshad City
None Appointed
Executive Committee of Oshad City
StyleMr (Madam) Chairman
TypeCity Leader
Member ofExecutive Committee of Oshad City
Reports toGovernor of Wellington
NominatorGovernor of Wellington
AppointerPresident of Oshad
on advice of the Governor of Wellington
Term lengthAt His Exellency's Pleasure
Formation12th of October 2021
Unofficial namesMayor of Oshad City
DeputyVice Chairman


The Chairman's role is as follows:

  • Chair the Executive Council & Host Meetings
  • Propose and Pass Laws for the City
  • Ensure the Implementation of the Utopian Party's Policies


The Chairman is appointed by the President of Oshad on advice of Governor of Wellington, whom is Head of Government for the Wellington District in which Oshad City is the Capital.

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