Republic of Oshad

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The Republic of Oshad, more commonly known as Oshad, is a micronation that is mostly sucessionist, but has some simulationist aspects. The Republic of Oshad combines a Semi-Presidential System and dictatorship.

Republic of Oshad
Republik Oschad
and largest city
Oshad City
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Semi-Presidential Republic under a Dictatorship
• President
Luke of Oshad
None Appointed
None Appointed
Presidential Council of Oshad
State Council of Oshad
• Establishment
9 October 2021
• 2021 estimate
CurrencyUnion Coin
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft


Foundation Era (9th of October 2021 - 23rd of December 2021)

The Republic of Oshad was founded on 9 October 2021 by the first, and current, President of Oshad.

During this time the government was established, armed forces where founded along with the police force, as well as the nation's districts being founded.

Developmental Era (23rd of December 2021 - Present)

In this time progress made before was built upon by the president. Development in other areas was also made.

Politics and Government

The Republic uses a One Party, Semi-Presidential System with the president being a permanent leader. Typically the President of Oshad appoints the vice president and prime minister.

His Excellency's Government is formally led by the president, vice president as well as the Prime Minister of Oshad, whom are appointed by the president.

District Governments

The Republic of Oshad has a number of regions that make up the nation. Each district is lead by a governor who is appointed by the president, but the prime minister may advise the president in whom to appoint in each governor position.

Cabinet Ministries of Oshad

  • Ministry of Admissions
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Research & Science
  • Ministry of Transport

Utopian Party

The Utopian Party is the one political party in Oshad. All members of the Parliament, cabinet ministers, prime minister and president all belong to the party.

Foreign Affairs

Currently the Republic has no allies and is part of no intermicronational organizations, but hopes to ally with “likeminded” nations.

Culture, Society and Media


News in Oshad is published by the state.


The national languages of Oshad are English and German.


There are 4 districts in Oshad, and each district has its own governor and culture.

The districts are as follows:


Police Force

The state Oshad Police Force is the main internal order and to ensure the following of the laws of the republic.

Military Service

Oshad has 2 military branches for people to join:

All citizens of Oshad aged 18-24 are required to serve in the armed forces, but citizens may choose which branch they serve in.

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