North Pacifica

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North Pacifica is the northernmost district in the Republic of Oshad.

North Pacifica
District of Oshad
CountryRepublic of Oshad
Capital CityPacifica City
Established10th of October 2021
Founded byLuke of Oshad
 • BodyNorth Pacifican District Council
 • Governor of North PacificaNone Appointed (Utopian Party)
 • Total0
DemonymNorth Pacifican



North Pacifica was founded on the 10th of October 2021 by President Luke of Oshad as the third district in the Republic of Oshad.


North Pacifica is lead by the Governor of North Pacifica, who's appointed by the President of Oshad. The Governor may form a district council but the choice is theirs.

Cities & Towns

Culture & Society

Notable People

Currently no Notable People have come from North Pacifica.

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