Chief Justice of Atovia

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Chief Justice of the
Kingdom of Atovia
Chase von Mahoning

since 12 May 2019
StyleThe Right Honorable
Term length3 years
Formation5 May 2017

The Chief Justice of Atovia is the head of the national judicial system, and administers all national courts. The chief justice is appointed by the chancellor for a three-year term. The appointment is approved or rejected by the House of Commons, acting as the voice of the provinces.

The powers of the chief justice include appointing and dismissing all national judges and judicial review along with the Supreme Court. The chief justice may appoint and dismiss all national judges with the permission of the House of Commons. The chief justice is a permanent member of the Supreme Court for the length of their term. As a member of the Supreme Court, the chief justice, along with the other judges, reviews all legislation to ensure that it is constitutional.

The chief justice is currently Chase von Mahoning.

List of Chief Justices

Name Party Image Term of office Chancellor Government Monarch
Position Vacant (5 May 2017 - 12 May 2019) None Provisional I Connor I
Provisional II
Richard von Dalton Mahoning
Chase von Mahoning NDP 12 May 2019 Incumbent Thaller
Bainbridge I
LGM Bainbridge II
  Bainbridge III
Nicholas von Kaos