Chief Secretary to the Government of Vishwamitra

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Chief Secretary to the Government of Vishwamitra

since 20 May 2023
Government of Vishwamitra
Cabinet Division
Prime Minister's Office
StyleThe Right Honourable
Member ofHis Majesty's Civil Service
Reports toPrime Minister
NominatorCouncil of Ministers
AppointerPrime Minister
Inaugural holderRory Leonard
Formation16 December 2022; 11 months ago (2022-12-16)

The Chief Secretary to the Government of Vishwamitra (Hindi: मुख्य सचिव, विश्वामित्र सरकार) is the senior-most administrative and bureaucratic officer in the Government of Vishwamitra who is a member of His Illustrious and Royal Majesty's Civil Service. The Chief Secretary serves as the secretary to the Cabinet of Vishwamitra and and secretary-general of the Prime Minister's Office.

The inaugural office-holder was Rory Leonard, former Deputy Prime Minister who was appointed on 3 January 2023 and assumed office the next day. He remained in office until resigning on 20 May 2023. Following his resignation, the position of the Chief Secretary has been vacant.


The position of the Chief Secretary was first created in 2018 as that of the Cabinet Secretary who served as the secretary to the cabinet. The position was filled by one of the senior cabinet officials. However, with the creation of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, the functions rendered by the Cabinet Secretary were transferred to the minister of the ministry.

In December 2022, Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy suggested Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia about the idea of creating a position of the Chief Secretary which shall be the highest bureaucratic and administrative officer in the government. The proposal was then discussed and unanimously approved by the union council of ministers. On 16 December 2022, a gazette notification was published by the union cabinet officially creating the position of the Chief Secretary.

Appointment, tenure, and privileges

The Chief Secretary of the Government is the highest administrative office-holder in the government of Vishwamitra and is appointed by the union council of ministers upon approval from the Prime Minister.

The Chief Secretary remains in office at the pleasure of the Prime Minister who upon deliberation and discussion with the members of the union council of ministers shall have the power to remove the Chief Secretary from office.

During the tenure in office, the Chief Secretary holds a rank immediately after a Minister of State of the union council of ministers.


As per the Gazette Notification issued on 16 December 2022, the functions of the Chief Secretary have been mentioned as under:

  • publication of official orders in the Gazette of Vishwamitra;
  • publication of official notifications approved by the union cabinet/union council of ministers;
  • attend meetings of the union council of ministers;
  • write and publish summaries and decisions related to government ministries and offices;
  • act as a medium between the union government, parliament and the other public institutions;
  • act as a medium between the Rashtradhyaksh and the other institutions of the state;
  • notify institutions and offices of governmental decisions; and
  • keep the official records of Parliament and the Judiciary.


In order to be appointed as the Chief Secretary, a person must fulfil the following:

  • be a resident or overseas citizen of Vishwamitra
  • be non-partisan and not intervene in political matters as such

List of chief secretaries

# Portrait Chief Secretary
Term of office Ministry Prime Minister
From To Period
1 Tan Sri Datuk Sri
Rory Leonard

रोरी लियोनार्ड
(born 2007)
4 January 2023 20 May 2023 136 days Farhaz IV Farhaz Hazarika
Position vacant since 20 May 2023

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