Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation (Atiera)

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Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation
LeaderWilliam Cooper
General SecretaryVacant
Assembly LeaderWilliam Cooper
FounderWilliam Cooper
Founded21 November 2021
Preceded byAtieran People's Union Labour-Progressive Party
HeadquartersGeorgetown, Atiera
IdeologySocialism, democratic socialism, broad leftism
ColoursGreen, yellow
SloganHumanity First
AnthemThe CCF Song
Seats in the Imperial Assembly
0 / 6
Election symbol
Maple Leaf

The Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) is a current political party of the Empire of Atiera, and a former political party of the Kingdom of Atiera. It was first founded on 21 October 2020, before being dissolved on 22 February 2021 for failing to provide a charter under the Party Formalization Act. It was then re-formed on 7 June 2021 with a charter. Following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Atiera, it was re-registered with the Empire of Atiera on the 21st of November, 2021 as the Labour-Progressive Party of Atiera, before rebranding as the CCF.

Political Stance

Drawing on inspiration from the former Canadian political party of the same name, the CCF is a socialist and broadly leftist party. It is founded on the principles of universal equality and human rights, and it seeks to reform Atieran institutions to make them more accessible to the common person, as well as strengthening anti-discrimination legislation. Following the June, 2021 General Convention, the APU adopted many policies which are still held by the modern CCF, including policies banning the adoption of a national currency, strengthening ties with socialist micronations, empowering unions, and reforming the Atieran electoral system.

Party Structure

Per the CCF Charter, party leadership is to be vested in two roles: the Party Leader, and the Congressional Leader. The Party Leader is elected during Party General Conventions, and the Congressional Leader is appointed by the Party Leader. A third, de facto role has been added, that being the General Secretary of the Party, also known as the National Director. The National Director is responsible for administration and management of the Party.

The Party conducts General Conventions every six months, in which Convention Delegates submit policy resolutions, which are then voted on by other Delegates. Conventions also are attended by a representative of the Atieran Royal Family, and a member of each other political party, all acting as observers. On the final day of the convention, Delegates conduct a leadership review of the Party Leader, voting on whether they have been satisfied by the Leader's leadership. Should the Party Leader garner the support of less than 60% of the delegates, a leadership election shall follow.


First Atieran Era

Early History

The APU/CCF has enjoyed a relatively long and somewhat troubled existence. Originally founded on 21 October 2020 as a far-left party, it garnered much attention gaining 4 members. During the Atieran General Election of January, 2021, the APU fielded 2 candidates, and won a single seat: Haliburton East with its Leader, William Cooper, serving as MP and Leader of the Official Opposition. In the second round of voting for Haliburton West, Benjamin Pickles was narrowly defeated by Atieran National Front candidate Chris Miller. Miller's victory was not without controversy however, due to the irregular nature in which he had won his seat. A third-party candidate, seeing that the vote was tied between Pickles and Miller, withdrew from the running, and their votes were transferred to Miller. This ended up resulting in limited legal action, when the APU challenged the Atieran Electoral Commission over the undemocratic nature of the election. Nevertheless, the case was never brought to trial, as it was deemed that although certain undesirable irregularities had occurred during the counting of votes, the uncodified nature of electoral procedure at the time meant that there was no legal basis to invalidate the election.

Late History

In the Atieran General Election of July 2021, Evan Blue joined the APU caucus in Parliament as the party's second MP. This made the APU the Official Opposition of Atiera for the second consecutive term. Shortly after this, however, Atiera would be dissolved.

Imperial Era

With the re-formation of Atiera as the Second Empire of Atiera, the APU has returned as well, in the form of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation. Much of the party's central values remain the same, with most policies remaining from the original APU. The party has, however, opened up more to non-socialists, and left-leaning individuals that normally might be hesitant in joining such a party.

First Government

Following the special election of March 15, 2022, the CCF formed its first government in Atieran history. The party won 2 out of 6 seats in the imperial assembly, and was able to secure a coalition government with Ordo Caelestis and several independents.