Commander-in-Chief (Glorosia)

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Commander-in-Chief of Glorosia
Colin Davies

since 30 January 2023
Armed Forces of Glorosia
TypeMilitary Leader
Reports toDepartment of Defence
Inaugural holderColin Davies
Formation30 January 2023
First holderColin Davies
DeputyChief of Defence Staff

The Commander-in-Chief of Glorosia is the supreme authority of the Armed Forces of Glorosia. The office is held, ex officio, by the President of Glorosia but powers can be devolved to the Minister of Defence or Department of Defence as a whole.


The office of commander-in-chief was not formally established until 30 January 2023, when the armed forces were established. Despite this, there was provisions were already in place for the presidency to serve as commander-in-chief.


The president may exercise supreme operational command and control over military and national militia in their capacity as commander-in-chief. The office has the power to launch, direct and supervise military operations, order or authorise the deployment of troops, and form military policy with the Department of Defence.

As well as this, in the commander-in-chief's capacity as president, they can also declare war on foreign states.

While the commander-in-chief has the ability to take command of the armed forces and run them directly, the present-day operational command of the Armed Forces is delegated from the president to the Department of Defence and is normally exercised through the Minister of Defence.

In the capacity as commander-in-chief, the president also appoints branch chiefs of staff and can also grant officer commissions and honourary commissions.

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