Confederation of Lurk

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Confederation of Lurk
Lurkská Konfederace
Flag of the Lurk Republic.png
Coat of Arms (de facto)
Coat of arms
Motto: Aurora Nova, Nova Victoria.
Map of Lurkish Cantons with water bodies.png
Exclaves not to scale
and largest city
Redwood City
Official languagesCzech, English
Demonym(s)Lurkish, Lurkian, Lurkien, Lurk
LegislatureNational Assembly of Lurk
EstablishmentMarch 2014
Time zoneCET
Preceded by
Noble Republic of Lurk
Lurk Department (Slin)
Archduchy of Loringia


Confederation of Lurk (Czech: Lurkská konfederace) was a proposed legislation creating an organisation uniting the scattered Lurkish states. This plan was realized by the reformation of Lurk into a Swiss-styled confederal state, and now the Confederation of Lurk is known as the process, not the organisation. Currently, it unites the Department of Lurk in Slin, Archduchy of Loringia in Mercia and the Noble Republic of Lurk under the rule of the National Assembly in Lurk – sovereign state. The Noble Republic of Lurk intends to provide common services for the states, such as same road classification and names, the Theme system and state-run companies. Previously, the states were run independently despite informally sharing these common state services, the Confederation of Lurk will only provide formal means of cooperation between the states.

In reality, it erases all differences between Loringia, independent Lurk and Slinnysh Lurk. Common National Assembly, formerly only with legislative power in the Noble Republic of Lurk exists. A common upper house also exists, known simply as the Council of Cantons, but is currently suspended. Each canton is, de facto, sovereign and as well part of the Noble Republic of Lurk.


Lurkské Krkonoše
Zalurkský kanton
Podlurksko-Nekský kanton
Nové Lorynsko (Lorynsko)
Sárský kanton
Kanton Západní Akrest
Kanton Jihozápadní Akrest
Xaverský kanton
Transakrestský kanton


COA Flag ABBR Name Motto Anthem Since Capital Area (m²) Official language Part of Lurkish Association Self-governing
Lurkcoa.png bordered LR Kanton Lurk
Canton of Lurk
Unitas omnes. 2011 N/A 198 000 Czech YES N/A
Lurkcoa.png bordered LK Lurkské Krkonoše
Lurkish Giant Mountains
Cantonal anthem of the Lurkish Giant Mountains 2013 48 400
Lurkcoa.png VT Vertylia 2011 248 000
Lurkcoa.png bordered PN Podlurksko-Neksko
Lands under the Lurk Hills by the Nek River
2011 385 000
Lurkcoa.png ZL Zalurksko
Translurkish Canton
2014 35 900
Coat of Arms of Archduchy of Loringia.png bordered LR Archduchy of Loringia
Lorynské arcivévodství
2014 1 017 000 Czech, Loringian, English YES
Lurkcoa.png bordered SK Sársko
Canton Saar
2012 421 000 Czech N/A
Lurkcoa.png EL Elysijsko
Canton of Elysia
2014 114 000
Erb Akrestsko-Hájské oblasti.png ZA Západní Akrest
Western Acrest
2012 336 000
Lurkcoa.png JA Jihozápadní Akrest
Southwestern Acrest
2012 469 000
Lurkcoa.png VI Vinice 2013 482 000 NO NO
Lurkcoa.png XK Xaverský kanton
Xaverian canton
2013 653 000
Lurkcoa.png TA Transakrestský kanton
Transacrestian canton
2013 484 000
Lurkcoa.png bordered RA Knížectví ravensburkské
Principality of Ravensburg
2011 Ravensburg 10 YES
Lurkcoa.png bordered RW Svobodné město Redwood
Free City of Redwood
2011 Redwood 1500 Czech, English
Lurkcoa.png Noble Republic of Lurk National anthem of the Noble Republic of Lurk 2013 Redwood City 4 892 810 Czech N/A YES
Coat of Arms of Archduchy of Loringia.png Loringia 2014 1 017 000 Czech, Loringian, English
Lurkcoa.png Department of Lurk 2013 Redwood City 4 892 810 Czech, Slin-Englysh