Department of Home Defense (Slavtria)

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Department of Home Defense
Agency overview
Formed27 February 2022; 2 years, 7 months
Jurisdiction Slavtria
HeadquartersStudia City, Slavtria
Agency executive
  • Vacant, Head of Home Defense
Parent departmentDepartment of Internal Affairs
Agency IDSD3

The Home Defense Department, commonly shortened to the HDD and officially the Department of Home Defense, is a government department in the Republic of Slavtria.


The HDD was founded on the first day of Slavtrian independence, after threats by the Domitian Union were made, one saying "Your country is ours, and your time is short." Slavtria quickly scrambled their government to create a department to control and regulate the armed forces, and to process threats and wars. The department's id is SD3, with it being the 3rd to be founded, after the Executive Department and the Department of Internal Affairs.