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Kingdom of the Golliez
Royaume du Golliez (fr)
Rouèômo dou Golliez (frp)
Flag of The Golliez
of The Golliez
Coat of arms
Motto: "Tozo mi louéin, tozo mi hâtt"
"Always further, always higher"
Anthem: Lôn evèr
Map of Europe, The Golliez is marked with the green dot.
Map of Europe, The Golliez is marked with the green dot.
LocationLens, Switzerland
Largest villageArdoises
Official languagesFranco-Provençal, French
Ethnic groups
  • 80% Caucasians
  • 20% Afro-Carribeans
GovernmentHereditary monarchy
• King
Maxime I
• Independence
26 November 2022
• Constitution ratified
14 December 2022
• Total
0.0004 km2 (0.00015 sq mi)
• 2022 census
CurrencyRondin (R)
Time zoneGMT+1
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+41
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War

The Kingdom of the Golliez (French: Royaume du Golliez; Franco-Provençal: Rouèômo dou Golliez), more commonly known as The Golliez, is a micronation enclaved in southern Switzerland established in 2022.


Golliez means puddle in Franco-Provençal. It's the only state in the world that recognise this language as a national one and that uses it for administration and so on.


The kingdom is founded on the 26th of November 2022 by the king Maxime I. The constitution is ratified by the king and the parliament's president on the 14th of December of the same year.

Geography and climate

The kingdom is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea. It has no water in it, except the puddle on the top of the kingdom from which it takes his name. This puddle is used to water trees and plants across the kingdom with a small canal.

It is common in summer to have temperatures higher than 35 °C but winters are cold ones with common temperatures which gets lower than -20 °C, especially in January and February. However, its climate is very dry and is described as a mediterranean one.


Fauna and flora has always been monitored. The Royal Office of Environment published a list of the animals and insects that have been caught on camera and the plants growing inside the kingdom.

The list is accessible on the kingdom's website, in both Franco-Provençal and French languages.

Politics and administration

The Royal Parliament exercises the legislative power while the king exercises the executive power. Law projects can be proposed by either the parliament or the king.

The territory is subdivided in two arrondissements, three districts and eight municipalities called "communes".



The currency of the Golliez is the Rondin (R). Coins are made of aluminium and casted by the Royal Bank. The first serie was made in 2022 and is still in use.


The agriculture is the main part of the kingdom's economy. It consists of wheat and barley fields and orchards of fruit trees.


National emblem

Red deer

The red deer is the national emblem of the kingdom. That's the most representative animal of the nation which is situated in the middle of the forest, in a glade.

Military and security

The Royal Armed Forces of the Golliez consists in a single infantry company which was created to prevent enemy attacks and support the population in case of natural disasters. Being a pacific country, the Royal Army will never lead attacks against any other state but will be only deployed in case of invasion attempt.

As the territory is enclaved in Switzerland, it's protected de facto by the Swiss Armed Forces, but no foreign military forces are tolerated inside the kingdom as proclamated in the 7th article of the constitution (except if a treaty was concluded before).

The Golliez has a police which guarantees people's safety and infrastructures. It's based in the village of Ardoises and is competent for the whole territory.

Foreign relations

All micronations and nations around the world are considered friendly by the government.

Mutual recognition

Diplomatic and informal relations


The state religion is the Roman Catholic Church, however, other religions are tolerated.

The patron saint of the kingdom is Siricius, pope between 384 and 399.