Duke of Occidentia

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Dukedom of Occidentia
Shield split in twain vertically with two plans of gold and blue, five dots adorn each side in a vertical semetric line with one side of blue and one side of gold, a crown rests on top with a red banner bellow the shield reading the motto "DEO ET PATRIAE" in gold capital font
Creation date2019
MonarchJonathan I
PeerageAustenasian Nobility
First holderLord Charles
Present holderLord Charles
Current Duke of Occidentia, Lord Charles

The Duke of Occidentia is a hereditary title that is part of the Nobility of Austenasia, and was created on 14 March 2019 for Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia. The name of the dukedom is derived from the Austenasian duchy of Occidentia, the dukedom was awarded to Lord Charles following his work in the annexation and administration of the Crown Dependency of Bregusland Colony.

The coat of arms consists of the Personal Arms of Lord Charles within Austenasia.

Created by Jonathan I
Name Period Duchess Notes Other titles
Lord Charles
2019-present Sarahann
Knight of the Order of Saint Constantine
Knight of the Order of the Bullmastiff
Commander of the Austenasian Order