Duke of Zëgret

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Duke of Zëgret
Coat of arms granted by the queen to the 1st, and current Duke
Creation date 24 April 2021
Created by Maria I
Peerage Sildavian nobility
First holder Arthur, 1st Duke of Zëgret
Present holder Arthur, 1st Duke of Zëgret
Remainder to Absolute Primogeniture, 1st Duke's heirs

Duke of Zëgret is a title of nobility in the Sildavian nobility, and the first and current holder of the title is Arthur II of Ebenthal. The dukedom of Zëgret was created in gratitude for the duke's contributions to the kingdom.

List of title holders

No. Name Granted Consort Subsidiary title(s) Noble house Arms Granter
First creation (2021 – present)
1 His Ducal Serene Highness
Arthur van der Bruyn,
1st Duke of Zëgret

(born 1998)
11 January 2021 Duke Consort Guilherme None House of Bruyn Maria I