Emperor of Holcetaea

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The Emperor of Holcetaea is the head of state for the Empire of Holcetaea, and is also the Supreme Military Commander. The Emperor is considered autocrat of all territories of the empire, but in practice leaves room for autonomy to his vassal sub-sovereigns. The Emperor also wields territorial power through the titles Princely Count of Holcetae, Grand Prince of McClean-Tagtmeier( withheld out of respect to Stefen I), and Grand Duke of Royal Hill. The Emperor wields political power through Imperial Decrees which are either issued directly by the Emperor and by his Privy Council Ministers. Imperial Decrees are immediately law until they are reviewed by the Imperial High Court if they are of a legal nature, and by the Seanad Holcetaea if they pertain to Spending, new provinces, foreign policy, and culture. Ministers of the Privy Council are chosen by the Emperor and confirmed by the Seanad. The Emperor along with his Privy Council make up the Monarchial or Executive Branch. Ministers may be dismissed by the Emperor or by a majority vote in the Seanad.

Current Emperor & Style

The current Emperor is I'ohn I, His spoken style and titles are His Imperial Majesty John I, by the will of the Heavens above, the Earth below, and the People between them, Emperor of the two Holcetaeas, of Novantaea, of Icenia, of Attacottia, of Rhaetia, & of Paemania, Archduke of McClean-Tagtmeier, Grand Duke of Royal Hill, & Princely Count of Holcetae. His simplified title is "His Majesty I'ohn I, Emperor of Holcetaea". Upon Steven's passing I'ohn will acquire the new title of Grand Prince of McClean-Tagtmeier, while his father's title Grand Prince of Tagtmeier will revert to the senior branch of the Tagtmeier dynasty under Erik son of the exiled U'illiem III, it will lose the style Grand and he will be known as simply Prince of Tagtmeier.