Etopian Clay Regiment

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The Etopian Clay Regiment (ETCL Regiment) is part of the Etopian Army Corps and functions as a specialist corps. The Corps carries out tasks such as Border Defense, Counter Terrorism, Etc.

The ETCL Regiment are personnel trained in special operations such as assassination, border protection, assault missions, sniper, support, Special Forces operations, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) defence, equipped with advanced vehicles and detection measures. ETCL Regiment instructors are responsible for training all of the ETCL Regiment personnel in basic force protection such as first aid, weapon handling and assassination skills.

Etopian Clay Regiment
Founded4 December 2022
Country Draft:Kingdom of Etopia
AllegianceHead of the House of Lee
BranchEtopian Army Corps
TypeSpecial Ground Operatives
RoleBorder Defense
Special Operations
Sergeant Major of The Army(SMA)King Layton S Lee I
SergeantNone Appointed
Chief CommanderNone Appointed
Second CommanderNone Appointed
Staff CommanderNone Appointed
GeneralNone Appointed