Etopian Army Corps

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Active c. December 2022 – Present
Country Kingdom of Etopia
Service branches None
Current engagements None
Standard weapon Knife, Rifles, Pistols, and Bow Weaponry
Current commander Layton S Lee I
Past commanders None
Military manpower
Active troops 2
Reserve troops 3
Total personnel 5

The Kingdom of Etopia maintains a small Military, the Etopian Army Corps (EAC). It was known as the Etopian Tracker Corps (ETC) and functioned as a spy and info corps before it unified with the Ground Gunning Corps (GGC) on December 1, 2022. the EAC controls the Etopian Clay Regiment and Etopian Special Forces


There are five ranks in the Etopian Army Corps:

  • Private
  • General
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant


The RDMC has a total of 5 personnel; it has ground capabilities. Its primary weapons are the OTF (Out the Front knife) and a variety of Knives and guns.

Paper Rockets

The EAC's Rockets, which consisted of several domestically constructed Rockets, consist of the LRL-10 of which we have 20 of and the SRL-10 of which we have 10 these are paper air rockets but can be packed with rocks to hit hard.


The EAC maintains bases at the city of Sunderlund. they launch rockets and train military in this base.