Federation of Kortosh-Jusin

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Federation of Kortosh-Jusin
카르토쉬-쥬신 연방(Ko)

2022 - Current

Flag of Kortosh-Jusin.svg
National Emblem of Kortosh-Jusin.svg
National Emblem

단결, 자유, 평화
Unity, Freedom, Peace

Not yet decided

File:Anthem of Kortosh-Jusin.png
Lyrics in Korean

File:Map of Kortosh-Jusin.png Map of Jusin UK.png
Global Kortosh-Jusin territories. Exact locations are included in the red colored parts.

Capital cityNot yet decided
Largest region?
Official language(s)Korean
Official religion(s)None
DemonymKortosh-Jusinian (English), 카르토쉬-쥬신인 (Korean)

GovernmentFederal unitary parliamentary elective constitutional diarchy
- Head of the FederationSergei Damdinsuren
- Vice Head of the FederationYet to be elected

LegislaturePeople's Parliament

Formation13 April 2022
Area Claimed2200 m² (23680 ft²)
Population100 (2022 estimation)
CurrencySouth Korean Won (KRW)
Time zoneUTC+9
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
National animal?


The Federation of Kortosh-Jusin (IPA: [fɛdəɹeɪʃn̩ ʌv kɔɹtɑʃ tsiuɕin]) or the Kortosh Jusin Yeon-bang (Korean: 카르토쉬-쥬신 연방), is the largest micronation in South Korea in terms of population, size, and activity.

It was established on April 30, 2022, following the ratification of an unification treaty between the Jusin Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh.


Proposal and unification

The formation of the federation started with the proposal of then Ambassador to the Anglophone Regions of the Jusin Republic, Mirdov M. Kron. He was worried about the lack of activity in Jusin, and suggested a unification with Kortosh. With the Treaty of Unification signed on April 12 and ratified on April 30, the new micronation was officially formed on April 30 of 2022.

During its first week after the signing, however, it did not have a fixed name, as the new unified parliament had other matters to discuss than the name of the nation. The name 'Federation of Kortosh-Jusin' was chosen only after April 17, and fully adopted on April 20th.

Establishing the constitution

The unified micronation was decided to have a parliamentary system with a special diarchy with one head of state from the former Kortosh's ruling dynasty and the other elected by the parliament, although the hereditary leader only has limited political power. Also, a federal system similar to that of the Russian federation was chosen, in order to give the freedom of choosing the degree of autonomy to its constituting states.

The finish of the new constitution has been postponed till December due to lack of time of most parliament members. However, several elements not related to the constitution(flag, emblem, motto, etc.) are being decided upon by referendum.


Although a federation, the federal government holds much power over most of the administration, as several federal entities lack the population to be run by themselves.

Federal government

The current outline for the federal government organization includes 6 ministries: Foreign Affairs, Defence, Finance, Internal Affairs, Territorial Affairs, and Social Affairs. There are several departments and agencies under the ministries.

Government of constitutional federal entities

Administrative Divisions

The administrative divisions of the Federation largely copied that of the Russian Federation, as there are over 11 constitutional federal entities. Federal districts, while not a constitutional entity, allows easier administration of several entities at once.

Crown dependency of Kortosh

The Crown Dependency is not a Federal District, rather a special form of division ruled directly by the Head of the Federation.

This division includes two states and one autonomous republic

  • State of Sharenian(샤레니엔 주)
  • State of Golomkul(고롬쿨 주)
  • the Autonomous Republic of Partem (파르템 특별행정구)

Federal district of Jusin

This division includes three states

  • State of Jusin (쥬신 주)
  • State of Corentan (코렌탄 주)
  • State of Calicenasia (칼리스네시아 주)

Federal district of Freetown

This division includes five states and one autonomous republic

  • State of Neomia (네오미아 주)
  • State of Sinyeong (신영 주)
  • State of Bu-il Seocheon (부일서천 주)
  • State of Biel (비엘 주)
  • State of Sauru (사우루 주)
  • Autonomous Republic of Zebista (제비스타 특별행정구)

Federal district of Namhwa-Asnesia

This division includes two states

  • State of Namhwa (남화 주)
  • State of Asnesia (아스네시아 주)



The current population estimate is ~100.


The sole official and widely used language in Kortosh-Jusin is Korean.


Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations integrated the existing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Relationship with Korean micronations

Relationship with Non-Korean micronations


Kortosh-Jusin Federal National Defence Force are the military of the Federation of Kortosh-Jusin.