Goran Ishijima

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Goran Ishijima

Head of Government of Hinata
In office
29 Winter of year I - 27 Summer of year II
President Tarô Nakajima
Lanna Harada
Predecessor Eric Nakajima
Successor Tarô Nakajima
Department of Police
In office
30 Summer of year II - In office
President Lanna Harada
Predecessor Office created
Bureau of Judicial Affairs
In office
30 Summer of year II - 13 Summer of year IV
President Lanna Harada
Predecessor Office created
Successor Ferena Nakajima
Personal information
Born 1959 (age 63–64)
Osaka, Japan
Political party NDP (I-IV)
Residence Chûô, Hinata
Religion Buddhism

Goran Ishijima (石島後蘭, 石島ごらん, Ishijima Goran), (1959, Osaka, Japan) is a politician and enterpreneur of Hinata. Since the year I and until the year II he was Secretary of State of Hinata or Head of Government, the second most important charge of Hinata after the President.

Political carreer

Ishijima founded with Tarô Nakajima the Nichiren Democratic Party (NDP) for maintain the values of a conservative society based in the dogma of the Nichiren buddhism. He belogns to the most nationalist and radical wing of the Nichiren Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party. Also, Ishijima belongs to a pro-japanese monarquical and nationalist organisation called Imperial Association (帝国会).

Personal life

He owns a wood enterprise. Ishijima has a daughter called Elza.