Great Lumley

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Republic of Great Lumley
Great Lumley Flag.png New Emblem.png
Great Lumley, Eurania Map.png
White: Republic of Great Lumley
Red: Eurania
Green: Principality of Doppeland
Orange: Democratic Republic of Filostonia
Blue: North Durham
Black: South Durham
Rose: East Sorrenian Confederacy

National Anthem:
The Motherland is Calling!

The Motherland Is Calling

One nation, for the good of the people
Capital Great Lumley

Official languages English

Denomyn Lumlian, Sorrenian

Government Federal Presidential Republic
Prime Minister Emanuel Terranova (SP)
State President Lewis Wild (LP)

-Type Unicameral
Seats 18

– Formation 07/10/13

Area controlled 11.76 km2

Population (active and knowing) 6

Population (claimed) est. 17,000

Currency Sorrenian Dollar ($)

Drives on the left

Military Revolutionary Army, Conflicts

Date formats Gregorian calendar

The Republic of Great Lumley is a state of Sorrenia, situated around the village of Great Lumley in the north east of England, along with 4 other small villages, also represented on the Republic's flag.


The Republic is named after Great Lumley, due to it being the largest village in the republic. Great Lumley received it's name due to it's status as an estate owned by the Lumley family. The Lumley family are descended from Ligulf of Lumley, an Anglo-Saxon noble who fled from the Normans in the South of England and found shelter in the dominions of St. Cuthbert.