Islamic Republic of Medici

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Islamic Republic of Medici is a country located in South Africa. It is a Presidential, Islamic Democratic Republic that is currently ruled by His Excellency, President of Islamic Republic of Medici, Daniel Van Blerk

Islamic Republic of Medici
Motto: La Ilah Ilalahu Muhamadun Rashun La Ilah
There Is No God But Allah, Muhhamad is Messenger of Allah
Anthem: The Past Like The Sowrd
Capital and Largest CityMedici
Islam, Christianity, Judaism
GovernmentIslamic Democratic Presidential Republic
• President of Islamic Republic of Medici
Daniel Van Blerk
LegislatureMedician Council of People
• Total
29 km2 (11 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyIslamic Qirish (IQ)
Time zoneUTC(GMT+2)


History of Medici starts on day our nation was formed, Medican National Front was formed on 23.3.2021 to resist against apartheid Government of State of Africa . After few months of fighting, a peace conference sponsored by United States of the Rocky Mountains was started, but it had failed and fighting continued. On 14.11.2021. Last forces of apartheid military have been defeated. After end of civil war, new Provisional State of Medici had been established and then, after 2 months, first free elections have been held, on elections, Democratic National Party won with 80% of vote, and Daniel Van Blerk was appointed Great General of Generalissmo of Medici. On 25.12.2021 Medici has started a transition into an Islamic Republic, after President took his Shahada and reverted to Islam. On 14.2.2022. Generalissmo of Medici was renamed to Islamic Republic of Medici.


Economy of IR of Medici is completely self-reliable and produces its own food and electricity. First currency that was in circulation was Medician Rand which was completely worthless because of Civil War. After Civil War, new currency, New Medician Rand was made and two currencies could be exchanged at rate of 1,000,000 Old Rands : 1 New Rand. After establishment of Republic, new currency, Islamic Qirish has been introduced and could be exchanged at rate of 500 Rands to 1 Islamic Qirish. Biggest industries in The Republic are agriculture and melting of metals.


Flags of Medici and currencies (coming soon)