Jacob Ramirez

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Jacob Ramirez
Marshal Ramirez in 2012
Governor of Oahu
In office
28 August 2016 - 1 March 2018
Appointed by William I
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Jacob Benning
Minister of Media
In office
30 January - 28 April 2011
Monarch William
Prime Minister Aaron Meek
Predecessor Office created
Successor Vacant
Personal information
Born 24 April 1990 (1990-04-24) (age 33)
Ventura, USA
Citizenship NAC
New Europe
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican-African
Political party Conservative Party (2011)
Other political
Socialist Party (2011-2013)
Children 3
Occupation Micro-Politician, Soldier
Cabinet Meek
Religion Non-denominational Christianity
Military service
Allegiance  North American Confederation (2011, 2015 - 2018)
Empire of New Europe (2011 - 2013)
Service/branch Army
In service 2011 - 2018
Rank Field Marshal
Battles/wars Micronational War on Terror
War in Afghanistan

Jacob Ramirez (born 24 April 1990) is a North American Army general level officer and former cabinet member of the Meek government.

Pre-micronational life

Role in the confederation

After becoming a citizen of the the Temporary Territory in Georgia, Ramirez was given a commission as a Field marshal in the 2011 rank system, today a Lieutenant-general. He accepted the commission but had no interest in military or political matters. Under pressure from the Emperor he founded the Conservative Party. He did not wish to recreate any sort of nationalism that existed in New Europe prior to unification and knew the name alone would attract such people. Instead he laid the foundations of North American traditionalist idea's based off of traditional values of Canada, the US, and Mexico. He was offered a the post of Media Minister in the government of Aaron Meek of which he used his personal Youtube channel Soldier First Class Productions as the governments first media outlet. Ramirez was initially enthusiastic about the position even filmed Emperor William and General Field Marshal Juan Carlos in a promotional video that was never released requesting community aid and support in the Micronational War on Terror.

Following the events of the Micras Crisis that lead to the collapse of the First Confederation Ramirez remained with the Emperor when New Europe was restored in 2011. He remained largely inactive during this time but did join and support Socialist Party due to his apprehension with the Nationalist Party's expansionist tendencies. He abstained from most New European politics and focused on his media passions. He collaborated with Amy Kalayjian to found Neues Freiheitsblatt an online newspaper. In June 2012 Ramirez was appointed as Juan Carlos' aide-de-camp while the Imperial Guard Corps deployed to participate in the War in Afghanistan. Following the deployment Ramirez retired from all military activities and departed the Georgia territory for Hawaii in December 2013.

After the establishment of the Oahu Colony in 2015 Ramirez rejoined the confederation he supported. He remained a private citizen of the colony for the year until the Emperor appointed him Governor of the colony in August 2016. He has stated his support for the Marx government, but supports a stronger central government than what currently exists. He joined the Constitutionalist Party upon its founding in June 2016. Ramirez resigned as governor on 1 March 2018, stating he could no longer perform the functions as governor while transitioning back to the American mainland.

Political offices
Preceded by
Office created
Governor of Oahu
28 August 2016 – 1 March 2018
Succeeded by
Jacob Benning
Preceded by
Office created
Minister of Media
30 January – 11 May 2011
Succeeded by