John of Eintrachtia

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King of Eintrachtia and the Flanrives
Head of the Eintrachtian Commonwealth
Royal standard of King John
King of Eintrachtia and its realms
Reign30 May 2021 – present
Enthronement11 July 2021
as Emperor-King of Eintracia
ChancellorsPenguin B. Ballister (2021-)
Emperor of Penguinsia and the Eintracian Imperial Realms
Reign30 May 2017 – 29 May 2021
Coronation11 July 2017
PredecessorThrone established
as Emperor-King of Eintrachtia
Prime MinistersHimself (2017)
Penguin Benjamin Ballister (2017-2018)
Penguin Inglês Ballister (2018-2020)
Penguin Sebastian Ballister (2020-2021)
John C.K.L. (Ballistell)
ReligionRoman Catholic
SignatureJohn's signature
Military career
Allegiance Eintrachtia
Service/branchRoyal Eintrachtian Armed Forces
Commands heldRoyal Navy of Eintrachtia (2021)
Imperial Eintracian Army (2017-2021)
Monarchical Styles of
King John
Reference style His Royal Majesty
His Majesty
Spoken style Your Royal Majesty
Your Majesty
Alternative style Sir

John (John C.K. Ballistell) is the King of Eintrachtia and the Flanrives, its realms and the Commonwealth. He is also an artist and a vexillographer, a non-professional musician and politician, a calligrapher and a micronationalist. He is the first monarch of Eintrachtia and is the founder of the nation. He has been the monarch of the Eintrachtian realms since 30 May 2017 and was crowed on 11 July in the same year. He also serves as the de jure Minister of Foreign Affairs and established executive monarchy in Eintrachtia. He is the founder and the current co-president of the royalist conservative party.

John I was most notable for his contribution in the April Boom during his reign, as well as the founding of the Eintrachtian Commonwealth, establishment of active diplomatic policies towards the micronational community and the founding of the Principality of Polarveinn with former president Cyrus of Cyrance. He also founded the Pacific Association of Micronations, in which he served as the first Secretary-General until October 2022, the Concord Pact and the Union of Antarctic Micronations. During his reign, a newly reformed Eintrachtia went from an internal-focused rather isolationalist foreign approach to an active nation with formal and informal diplomatic relations with more than 30 self-claimed sovereign states.


John became a micronationalist since 2017 when he established his first micronation, the Penguins Republic, on 30 May 2017 and announced himself King of the nation. Sicne then, he has been actively participatng in domastic affairs of his nation, went through 3 Prime Ministers during his reign as the Emperor of Eintracia, establishing diplomatic relations and recognizing other micronations' sovereignty, as well as founding multiple intergovernmental organizations to satisfy his self-given role of "maintaining and promoting peace among micronations that is in reach of the sphere of Eintrachtia." as well as organizing assistance to other close allies of Eintrachtia such as "eliminating terrorism", "restoring harmony" and incorporation. Such actions have been argued of conducting too much interference in other states' internal issues.