Kingdom of Flatlands

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Kingdom of Flatlands

Flag of Flatland

Map of Hare Island

Official language English

Demonym Flatlandian

Government Republic
King Hunter I

Legislature Parliament of Flatlands
Seats/Citizen Representative 4/1

Established March 1, 2009

Population 9

Area 30.23 Acres
Hare Island 20.23 Acres Unpopulated
Mainland 10 Acres Populated

Currency In Development

National Animal Hare

National Tree Pine Tree

The Kingdom of Flatlands was created on March 1, 2009 when Hunter was named King Hunter I. On July 3, 2010 Hare island was explored and claimed. The following day, a temporary building was created. On November 25, the Parliament of Flatlands was formed. In March 2010, 4 acres of mainland land was claimed by a Flatlandian explorer.

After the decision that only residents of Oklahoma and North of Woodway Texas could become citizens, 18 citizens were lost, bringing Flatlands down to a total of 9. The Government has given titles to most citizens since it is so small, when Flatlands grows most of these people will lose the titles and voting will be held. Flatlands has, among other offices, a Foreign Office, an Office of Defense, and an Office of Child Care


Flatlands has two main provinces, Hare Island and the Mainland. Flatlands has two separate armies, The Royal Army and Militias. Each has separate restrictions there is a age limit of 20 to 35 for the Royal Army and anyone between the ages of 12 and 50 can join The Militia. No citizen can be forced to join and there is no draft, the armies are for defense only since Flatlands is neutral and would never attack another country. Hare Island, the first province of Flatlands was named this because a Hare was seen on the island by the first explorers from Flatlands.

Hare Island is uninhabited, but the government expects to have a city on it by 2018, or at the latest, 2028. A small wooden shack was made on the island, but it is not fit for human habitation. Fauna on the island includes hares, fish, and possibly foxes.

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