Kingfield district

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Kingfield district

District of the Dale Republic

FoundedSeptember 22, 2011
GovernmentConservative Party
Local MinisterJames Hunt

Kingfield is the cultural capital of the Dale Republic and is the second largest of the 3 Dale Republic districts. Located to the east of the republic, The district is the cultural capital district of the Dale Republic and the district is the home of the macronational football team, Woking F.C.. kingfield is located to the west of the district and the district is divided into 7 sub-divisions.

Culture Capital

The Kingfield District is nicknamed the culture capital of the Dale Republic mainly because it is the home of the local football team Woking F.C. and the Kingfield Stadium. The Kingfield district also houses the Dale Conservative party and its minister, Chairman of the Dale Football Association and manager of the Dale National Football Team, James Hunt.


  • Kingfield
  • Westfield
  • Old Woking
  • Maybury
  • Byfleet
  • West Byfleet
  • Pyrford


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