Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano

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Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano
Repubblica Labronica Popolare di Rosignano (it)
Livorna Popula Respubliko de Rosignano (eo)


Coat of Arms

Пролетари Ди Тутто Ир Мондо, Унитеви!

Labronic: Workers of all the world, Unite!

"Бандиера Росса (Bandiera Rossa)"

Location of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano (blue) in Europe (light green or grey)
Capital cityRosignano
Largest CityLivorno
Official languagesItalian, Labronic, Esperanto
Official religion(s)Atheism
Part ofUnion of Labronic People's Republics
GovernmentPeople's Repubblic
Supreme Leader of the LPRoRCheli Samuele
ParliamentSupreme Soviet of Livorno
Labronic Workers Party only recognized political party
National SportFootball
National AnimalPegasus
National FishMullet
Time zone(UTC+01:00)
Declared independenceFerbrary 17, 2018
Area claimed1.218 km²
CurrencyPeople's Lira (PLR)
Official TelevisionTeleRosignano ТелеРосигьано
Calling code+39
Date formatGregorian calendar
Official Website

The Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, also know as LPR of Rosignano or LPRoR was a Micronation situed in Western Tuscany,(Italy) It was founded on 2018 by Sorvaino, a 17th Years Old Communist Italian YouTuber, for his hobbies. This Micronation becames Union of Labronic People's Republic and Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano becames an internal state of ULPR. TeleRosignano ТелеРосигьано Is the official YouTube Channel of this micronation, the channel is officially in Italian, Esperanto (Sorvaino is learning Esperanto) and western tuscan's dialect (Labronic Language is western tuscan's dialect, written with Cyrillic Alphabet).


Passport of former Republic of Chelandia, first micronation made by Sorvaino

In 2014, Cheli Samuele, also know as Sorvaino created his first micronation, Republic of Chelandia, the official languages of these former micronation was Italian and Labronic (no Cyrillic words), These Micronation was just a family game, because his surname was on his word. But that game was very short, and Chelandia's micronation was forgot... On 2014 Sorvaino's old YouTube channel, Vgo Loquendo 5 becomes officially active, but on 2017 Sorvaino close his channel for create TeleRosignano, the actual channel. After a long meditation, on 17 February 2018, Sorvaino officially create Rosignano, built on his current Channel. On 4 March 2018, Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano change his Coat of Arms and on 28 March 2018 LPR of Rosignano becames one of the four states of the Union of Labronic People's Republic and on May 2018 Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano becames officially failed.

The Former Republic of Chelandia

Republic of Chelandia was a Republic, and Sorvaino's Dad was the president of that micronation. Republic of Chelandia controlled just Sorvaino's House, ImperatoreOscuro32's house and Sorvaino's grandpa's house. There was made 10 passports of Republic of Chelandia. the problem of Republic of Chelandia was that micronation wasn't an important virtual culture, and Rosignano can to made this.


Sorvaino, SconvoltDiego and ImperatoreOscuro32. They really exist, but for Privacy they not show their real faces...
Propaganda Poster of LPRoR

Rosignano was founded by a Communist guy, for this reason, Rosignano is a Communist Republic

Rosignano is a parliamentary republic, their parliament is Supreme Soviet of Livorno (Italian: Soviet Supremo di Livorno, Labronic: Совиет Супремо ди Ливорно), but at the moment the official number of citizen is 7 and for this current moment all the citizens are members of Labronic Workers Party, the only recognize political party of Rosignano, and the citizens are all members of the parliament. Government of Rosignano was formed by TeleRosignano's Staff, but SconvoltDiego wants to create on 30 March 2018 his LPR, the Labronic People's Republic of Zizzok and for this motivation, he lost the citizenship of LPR of Rosignano. All the citizens of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano are also citizen of ULPR.

Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano is in working, for this reason, Rosignano's parliament works to the Constituction and Bandiera Rossa (Anthem of LPRoR), Rosignano's Flag and Rosignano's Coat of Arms aren't official, but just a Sorvaino's Proposed flags. Rosignano's Citizenship currently has got just these 8 citizens, but to increase number of citizens, Rosignano can give it to TeleRosignano's Fans, via WhatsApp.

Foreign Relations

During the period of sovereign of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, they recognized all the members of Federation of Italian Micronations (the members are: MYCUS Republic, Federal Republic of Tergizistan, Republic of Damazia, People's Kingdom of Fano and relative project of United People's Kingdom of Fano and Sessa Aurunca), but LPR of Rosignano recognized also Empire of Austenasia, Vitla-Democratic Republic, Principality of Andany, and Free Republic of Schwanensee, and with this countries LPR of Rosignano was got formal relationships. LPRoR Recognized also UN Members (but not recognize Israel), Palestine, Abkhazia, DNR, Nagorno Karabakh, Transnistria, Azawad, Principality of Sealand, Talossa, Liberland, Republic of Molossia and Saugeais, but Rosignano hasn't formal relationship with this countries.

Geography of LPRoR

Former map of the territories of LPRoR, originally LPRoR was got these provinces

The Capital City of LPRoR is Rosignano, a Municipality in Livorno's Province, but the biggest city is Livorno.

Another cities are: Cecina, Bibbona, Piombino, Rio Nell'Elba. Capoliveri, Portoferraio, Capraia, Gorgona, San Giuliano and Castellina Marittima

Rosignano's Territory is formed by:

  • all the municipalities from Livorno's Province, in Tuscany
  • the Municipalities of San Giuliano, Castellina Marittima, Guardistallo, Riparbella, Santa Luce, Casale Marittimo and Montescudaio, these municipality are from Pisa's Province, in Tuscany
  • virtual territories, at the moment just a Minecraft world named Nuova Labronia.

Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano originally splits his territory in provinces, but a referendum changes the suddivision, and actually LPRoR has got 2 Compartiments and 2 Governments Compartiments are real territories and Governments are virtual territories, on this moment, Minecraft worlds.

  • Compartiment of Labronia includes Province of Livorno
  • Compartiment of Esternia includes territories on Province of Pisa
  • Government of Labronic Mycus includes a territory on a MYCUS Republic's Minecraft server
  • Governmebt of New Labronia includes an Offline Minecraft World of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano

Former Compartiments

  • Compartiment of Mars'Himar includes territories in Sicilian island
  • Compartiment of Vicenza includes Municipalities of Vicenza and Sandrigo
  • Compartiment of Puglia includes territories in Puglia.

The former compartiments today are territories of all another Labronic People's Republic, all of three are members of ULPR.


Labronic People's Army is the Army of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano. It's a virtual Army, and LPA has got Armed Forces (Labronic Armed Forces), Air Forces (Pegasus Air Forces), Navy (Labronic Navy, surnamed "Triglie D'Assalto").


Rosignano's national sport is Football. In Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano there are present a National Football Team and two leagues, All of that instituctions are controlled by the Football Federation.

Another sport praticated in LPRoR are Rugby and Basketball.


LPRoR's national animal is the pegasus, because this animal is present on the Flag of Tuscany (Italian regions has got a flag). But in the city of Livorno, the represenctative animal is the mullet (it is also the mascot of Livorno's Football Team.