Liberal Reformist Club

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Liberal Reformist Club
PresidentJulia Minami
Founded2019 (Year II)
Membership (2019)5
Reform movement
Third way
Political positionCentre-right
Slogan明るい明日を作ろう (Let's build a bright tomorrow)
Seats in the Hinata National Assembly
0 / 3
District mayors
0 / 3

The Liberal Reformist Club (LRC and in japanese: Jiyuu-Kaikaku-Kurabu) is a Hinata political platform founded in Year II summer (2019). The ideology of the party is the liberalism and reformism of the politics of Hinata.


The party was founded in the summer of year II, shortly before the 1st Hinata presidential election as a union of independent liberals and the third way. In the presidential elections, they supported a joint independent candidacy with the Hinata Socialist Party, led by Lanna Harada, who won those elections becoming President of Hinata. Although Harada declared himself independent and, in effect, did not participate in any party, he was considered close to the liberals. After the triumph in the elections, the party was officially constituted. Since its founding, the party exercises extraparliamentary opposition to the government of the Nichiren Democratic Party.


The party is liberal ideology in the economic and social. The party defends the separation between religion and state, against the Nichirenist Party. It also defends the right to vote and political participation of non-nationalized residents of the island of Hinata. The party criticizes protectionist policies and advocates free trade.

Electoral results

Election Seats in the Hinata National Assembly +/- Candidate
2nd (Y-III)
0 / 3
New Julia Amano
Election District mayors +/-
1st (Y-III)
1 / 3