2nd Hinata general election

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2nd Hinata general election
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Hinata National Assembly
Year III
Political Party LDP HSP LRC
Candidate Masahiro Cheng Natali Nakajima Julia Amano
Popular Vote 11 6 4
Percentage 52.38% 28.57% 19.05%
Seats won
2 / 3
1 / 3
0 / 3
Seats change Steady Steady New

The Second Hinata general election will be the last sunday of the summer of the thirth year in Hinata. This will be the first election with his members electeb by the Single non-transferable vote electoral system. The winner was Masahiro Cheng of the Liberal Democratic Party.


In spring of year III, the HSP and the LRC demanded for free elections considering that the constituent legislature had already exceeded its time limit. Before the refusal of Tarô Nakajima and his party to call elections, the Socialists resorted to the constitution that grants the President and Head of State the authority to dissolve the National Assembly. The President at that time was Lanna Harada, who immediately accepted the commission of the Socialists to dissolve the legislative chamber and call elections. Although President Harada had the exclusive competence to call elections, she decided to try to agree with the head of government Nakajima on a date for the elections. However, Harada and Nakajima did not agree, since Nakajima wished to hold the elections in winter as soon as possible, while Harada found that date too late. In the end, Harada established late summer as the date to hold the elections.


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

  • Electoral slogan: 国の力を。 (The power of the country)

The Nichirenists (Nichiren Democratic Party) decided to converge with the most conservative sector of liberal reformists and found the LDP. As the main candidate they presented the businessman and trader Masahiro Cheng, who was the first candidate of non-Japanese origin in the history of Hinata, since Cheng was of Chinese Han origin, and as a secondary candidate to the former LRC Pierre Nikaidô. The LDP was the only party that presented two candidates for the elections. At first the party called the measure of calling elections "coup d'etat", but then moderated their message with the aim of obtaining an absolute majority.

Hinata Socialist Party (HSP)

  • Electoral slogan: 今こそ、社会主義の時間です。 (Now is the time of socialism)

The Socialists, who first presented Nakajima's granddaughter, decided to present only one candidate instead of the two who proposed at the beginning.

Liberal Reformist Club (LRC)

  • Electoral slogan: 自由を守るのために。 (For protect the liberty)

The liberal-reformists, after the problem that one part of the party left the formation to found another party with the Nichirenists, he decided to continue to stand for election. The party decided to present Julia Amano as a candidate. In the days leading up to the elections, the party was immersed in a controversy since they did not make clear which party they would agree if they got representation. Within the party there was a diversity of opinions since some preferred to give support to the socialists and others to the conservatives.


General results

Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
Liberal Democratic Party Masahiro Cheng 11 52.38
2 / 3
Hinata Socialist Party Natali Nakajima 6 28.56
1 / 3
Liberal Reformist Club Julia Amano 4 19.05
0 / 3


Popular vote

MP's election

Name Party Votes Elected
Masahiro Cheng LDP 6 Yes
Nataly Nakajima HSP 6 Yes
Pierre Nikaidô LDP 5 Yes
Julia Amano LRC 4 No