List of honours of Austenasia awarded to heads of state and royalty

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This article serves as an index – as complete as possible – of all the honorific orders or similar decorations awarded by Austenasia, classified by Monarchies chapter and Republics chapter, and, under each chapter, recipients' countries and the detailed list of recipients.



Austenasia Austenasian Imperial Family

Austenasia Former Emperors of Austenasia

European monarchies

Adammia Adammic Imperial Family

Principality of Arkel Arkels Princely Family

Republic of Ashukovo Ashukov Royal Family

Copan Copanese Royal Family

Empire of Imvrassia Imvrassian Imperial Family

Juclandia Juclandian Royal Family

Ladonia Ladonian Royal Family

Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Lundener Grand Ducal Family

Monovia Monovian Royal Family

Principality of Ongal Ongal Princely Family

Empire of Ovrestlia Ovrestlian Imperial Family

Reylan Imperial Triumvirate Reylan Imperial Family

Rhōmanía Rhomanian Imperial Family

Slin Imperial Family

Kingdom of Wyvern Wyvernian Royal Family

Asian monarchies

Tatsumiyan Royal Family

State of Vishwamitra Vishwamitran Royal Families

Purvanchal Purvanchal Royal Family

North American monarchies

Commonwealth of Esse Essian Royal Family

Florenia Florenian Royal Family

Ikonia Ikonian Royal Family

Kingdom of Jupiter Jovian Royal Family

Vikesland Vikelandic Royal Family

Kingdom of Überstadt Überstadti Royal Family

Oceanian monarchies

People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea Arborean Royal Family

South American monarchies

Sabia and Verona Sabiaveronese Royal Family

Antarctic monarchies

Principality of Campinia Campinian Princely Family

  • Prince Elias I of Campinia: Commander of the Austenasian Order (CAO, 20 September 2014)

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Flandrensian Grand Ducal Family

Westarctica Westarctic Grand Ducal Family


Grand Republic of Delvera Delvera



 Leylandiistan and Gurvata





Taigh a Bata


 Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land

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