Michael Koestler

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Michael Koestler (eng)
Born 11 May 1998

Citizenship Democratic Republic of Marksovka
People's Republic of Linian

Religious beliefs Agnostic

Politcal views Third-Worldism

Political Party Communist Party of Marksovka
Worker's Party of Linian

Military Service
Allegiance Democratic Republic of Marksovka
People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka

Service/Branch People's Defense Force
Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops

Unit 34th Regiment

Rank General (MPDF)(CO-1)
Marshal (P-ART)(CO-1)

In service 2013–present

Honored Member Michael Koestler HSL LO is the Founder and leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Marksovka. They have been in office since the creation of Marksovka, currently serving as Premier after the dissolution of the Marksovka Troika which previously led the nation.

Founding of the Socialist Republic of/Democratic People's Republic of Chekovskaya/Marksovka

On February 23, 2013 Michael Koestler founded the Socialist Republic of Marksovka after a friend introduced them to micronationalism, encouraging Koestler to create their own nation. Marksovka started out as a totalitarian roleplay nation, but after several months evolved into a socialist state that condemns roleplay, micronational war, and micronational organizations. Marksovka had been going slow, it was relatively inactive and only had one official citizen until November 2013 when Michael Koestler started the Marksovkian reform, recruiting several citizens, creating several new branches of government and departments of the government, and rewriting the constitution. From this point onwards Marksovka had grown considerably faster than it had in the previous months, proudly holding 16 official citizens with several members of the government at it's peak. Post-reform Marksovka is also relatively isolationist, avoiding most micronational communities and trying to stay low profile while also attempting to grow and eventually establish stronger holdings in the real world.

Awards & Decorations

Medal Name Date Awarded Description Number awarded
Order of Lenin 9 February, 2014 Awarded for outstanding service to the DPRM. 1
Award for the First Anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Marksovka 23 February, 2014 Awarded to citizens to commemorate the first anniversary of the DPRM. Can only be awarded on February 23, 2014. 1
Order of Merit II. Class 12 December, 2014 Award for great contributions to the People's Republic of Linian. 1
Hero Of Socialist Labor 22 December, 2014 This title is the second highest award in the PRL. It is rewarded for hard work and labor, as well as major contributions to the state and socialism. 1
Order of the Lotus III. Class 22 December, 2014 This Order is an honorable Order that can only be awarded by a vote of the CC of the Worker's Party or the Chairman of the CC. The recipient is allowed to use the title "Member of the Lotus Order" abbreviated "L.O.". 1