Ministry of Defence and War (Camuria)

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The Ministry of Defence and War
Headquarters: Godricsun
Official Languages: English
Commander-in-Chief: Prince Regent Ian
Establishment: 3 August 1967

The Ministry of Defence and War or just the Ministry of Defence was founded by King Frederick only a few days after founding Camuria and was the first orginisation set up in the Kingdom of Camuria after its founding. Since its founding it has worked alongside the Ministry of Military Intelligence, a more secretive and higher advanced league of the Ministry. It is lead by Commander-in-Chief Prince Regent Sir Ian Forrest, and has been since 1989. Previous Commanders of the Ministry have been hand picked by the monarch, and are always very trustworthy and close advisors of the monarch. The Ministry of Defence also controls the Royal Camurian Army and the Royal Camurian Navy, were each commander of the separate force holds a seat on the Defence Council, which reports directly to the monarch and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ministry, as the Chairperson of the Council.