Ministry of Education (Koss)

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Ministry of Education
Ministry overview
Formed 2011
Headquarters Domino
Minister responsible Arthur Charter
Child agencies

Regia Universitatis

The Ministry of Education was one of the governmental departments of the Grand Duchy of Koss. It was in charge of creating and regulating universities and other educational instutions.

Regia Universitatis

The Regia Universitatis (English: Royal University) was an university-project created by the Grand Duke. It consisted of creating an intermicronational university which would teach younger micronationalist(and experienced ones) about MicroWiki History, Micronational History among others subjects.

On discussions about the project, the, at the time, Royal Chancellor, Luiza Portes, pointed some obvious flaws with a creation of the University, such as getting people interested, teachers and a platform. The Grand Duke said this was not going to be an easy task, but it was worth a shot.