Monarchy of Beremagne

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Prince of Beremagne

Royal Coat of Arms of the Prince of Beremagne

Emanuel I, Prince of Beremagne

StyleHis Serene Highness
Heir presumptivenone
Formation11 February 2018

The Title of "Prince of Beremagne and all the affiliated territories" is a title proclaimed in 2017 by the first prince of the nation, member of the House of Dovimaldi-Nassor.

Constitutional Powers

The Constitution of the principality of Beremagne keep many rights already exercised by the Crown. As main tasks, the Prince must represent the principality, as well as moderate the Minister of State's Government. The Sovereign is the head of state and the responsible of the unity of the nation.

List of the Monarchs

This is the List of the monarchs who reigned over the territory of the now principality of Beremagne:

No. Name Portrait Coat of Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Emanuel I
11 February
present 5 years, 9 months, 22 days House of Dovimaldi-Nassor Prince of Beremagne
First holder of the title of "Sovereign Prince of Beremagne".He is the main actor during the redaction of a constitution for the principality. It's under his reign that the civil, penal and commercial codes were created.

Other Titles of the Prince

The Prince of Beremagne have a list of titles, given as gifts from other micronations, or some titles are from macro-world: The titles are as :

His Serene Highness, Emanuel, First prince of Beremagne, Duke of Merania, Duke of Aiken, Duke of Obernai, Earl of Sagueunay and of the East-Lake-of-Saint-Jean, Earl of Dattier, Lord of Blackwookd, Lord of La-Bidière