State of Tamopa

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The State of Tamopa
State of the Crown of Beremagne

Demain est un jour Meilleur

Map of the Principality.

Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No Official Religion

GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- Prince Emanuel, Prince of Beremagne
- Grand-Governor of Tamopa Sir Esteban Martin

Formation11 February 2018
Annexation by Beremagne20th February 2018
Population115 (Aug. estimate)
CurrencyTamopa Coins
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Official website

The Principality of Tamopa have been founded by His Royal Highness the Prince Esteban I, the February 13th 2018, over the non-organized territory of Lac-Achouakan, in the region of the Sagueunay, Quebec, canada. The 3 September 2018, it have been decided that the name will be changed to become The State of Tamopa.

History of the principality

Tamopa was created in February, to talk and act conercerning the topic of Ecology, and auto-suffisance. The prince of Tamopa, with his actions didn't respected his engagment, and the 20th February, a meeting with the Prince of Beremagne was scheduled to talk about the future of the Principality of Tamopa. At the Issue of this meeting, it was decided that the new principality of Tamopa will be annexed by the Principality of Beremagne. After this, the former prince lost his title, and the status of "Royal Highness". The title isn't used by the now prince of Beremagne (Hair of the Title)

Habilitation as a State of the Beremian Crown

The 2 September 2018, the former prince of Tamopa and His Serene Highness the Prince of Beremagne found a solution for the stability of Tamopa. As declared during the meeting, Tamopa become an independant state, under the rules of Emanuel I of Beremagne, who deleguate the powers to a "Grand-Governor" appointed : Sir Esteban Martin take the new position, to administrate the nation for the second time in history.


During the reign of Esteban I, the principality had diffrents ministries in charge of all the common departments of a government. A princely council was here to check out laws, and decrees.

The Principality of Tamopa was an Absolute Monarchy.

During the new Reign of Emanuel I of Beremagne, the State of Tamopa kept each ministries founded by Esteban I, but turned the system to a Constitutional Monarchy.



Official Languages of the state are Enlish (EN), French (FR), and Esperanto (??)

List of the Monarchs

This is the List of the monarchs who reigned over the territory of the former principality of Tamopa:

No. Name Portrait Coat of Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Esteban I
11 February
20 February
9 Days House of Martin Prince of Tamopa
Esteban Martin (Esteban I of Tamopa) was Prince of Tamopa from the 11 February 2018 to the 20 of the same month, this day marks the annexation of Tamopa by the Beremians Authorities.
II Emanuel I
20 February
present 5 years, 9 months, 21 days House of Dovimaldi-Nassor Prince of Beremagne, Heir of Tamopa
First holder of the title of "sovereign-prince of Beremagne".He is the main actor during the redaction of a constitution for the principality. It's under his reign that the civil, penal and commercial codes were created.

Important Dates

Name Date Notes et Events
Principality of Tamopa 13 February 2018 Foundation of the Principality, in Canada.
Prince's day Birthday of the Sovereign This day is synonym of parties and gifts to the sovereign (Tradition abolished by Emanuel I of Beremagne)