Monarchy of Sabovia

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Prince of Sabovia
Flag of the House of Creed.png
Andrew I, Prince of Sabovia
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptiveNone, abolished
First monarchAndrew I, Prince of Sabovia
Formation25 May 2012

The Monarchy of Sabovia (commonly referred to as the Sabovian Monarchy) was the absolute monarchy of Sabovia. Andrew I became the first and only monarch on 25 May 2012. The monarchy held the titular titles of Duke of South Millimia and Baron of Corinium Terentium, The monarchy was often called the "Sovereign" of Sabovia. The monarch hds de facto absolute power within the borders of Sabovia after the monarch's sixteenth birthday.


The Constitution of Sabovia states the monarch, after their sixteenth birthday, can:

  • Remove the Chief Minister of the National Assembly from office
  • Change laws without the approval of the National Assembly
  • Veto Acts of the National Assembly
  • Dissolve the National Assembly
  • Command the army and raise a personal militia
  • Order an arrest
  • Sentence criminals
  • Pardon suspected criminals
  • Issue proclamations
  • Raise taxes
  • Dismiss ministers


The Monarchy of Sabovia was created by Andrew Creed three days after the foundation of Sabovia during June South Millimia was granted autonomy; the monarchy was officially created by the Laws and Basis of the Principality of Sabovia.

List of Sovereigns of Sabovia

Name Portrait Lifespan Reign start Reign end House Notes
Andrew I CreedA.jpg 8 September 1999
(aged 22)
25 May 2012 1 January 2016 House of Creed Founder of Sabovia