Monarchy of Takaeya

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Emperor of Takaeya
Luke I of Takaeya
since 14 September 2022
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchLuke I of Takaeya
Formation14 September 2022

The Monarchy of Takaeya, sometimes known as the Takaeyan Monarchy, is the monarchial head of state of the Empire of Takaeya who holds absolute power.


The monarchy is the oldest aspect of Takaeyan government. It was established on 14 September 2022, with Luke I of Takaeya taking the throne.


As the monarchy is absolute, the person on the throne has unlimited power. However, by convention, the monarch has some duties they must carry out.

The duties include:

  • Appointing the Prime Minister
  • Appointing other Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of the Crown
  • Calling and Dismissing Parliament
  • Appointing Members of the House of Lords


The throne is intended to be inherited through male-preference. The heir apparent is officially named by the monarch and are appointed to the title of "Crown Prince" with support of the Allegiance Council.

However, because the monarchy is absolute, this system can sometimes be overruled by royal decree or with the support of the allegiance council.


The monarch is typically given the title of "Emperor" or "Empress" and is styled as "His/Her Imperial Majesty".

List of Monarchs

Monarchs of Takaeya
Monarch House Reign
Emperor Luke I of Takaeya House of Takaeya 14 September 2022 - Present

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