Mos Engadine Senate

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Formed in October 2010 the Mos Engadine Senate is the local government of Mos Engadine serving below the City Council unlike the City Council it does not discuss major national and international affairs and is responsible for assisting citizens and addressing their concerns. The Senate consists of five seats, three are elected nationally by the citizens of the respective electorates in Town Square, the Western Suburbs and the Countryside and two are elected nationally by all citizens as a replacement for City Elders. Between these five they nominate a leader who serves as Chancellor.



No. Name Term Dates Notes
1 Saamm 14 October - Incumbent Acting


No. Name Term Dates Seat
1 Saamm 14 October - Incumbent Town Square
2 Vacant Countryside
3 Vacant Western Suburbs
4 Vacant National
5 Vacant National