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Coat of Arms
Coat of arms

View of Vlastimirova Street and St. Andrews Church from Dushanov Square
Name Musorov
Location Bolkaria, Transylvakia
Area 1.435 km²
Country Cheslovia
Former names Talin, Muzukov, Odin Grad
City anthem "The Musorov Song"

Musorov is the capital city of Cheslovia, it hosts many of Cheslovia's landmarks such as The Kaznian Library, The Musorov Kremlin and St Andrews Church.


The historical flag of Musorov, late 2007
The historical flag of Musorov, early 2007

Musorov started to appear some time in 1805, before Oxford city expanded, the small village was called "Old Headington", when Oxford expanded it became subdivision of Headington district and is still called Old Headington. When Cheslovia was established, the leaders of Cheslovia chose to base their capital city in Old Headington, it was thus annexed and renamed to Musorov, however, under the "Protection of British European Culture Act 2008", the city is still (although not officially in Cheslovia) called Oxford, Old Headington.


Musorov is the seat of power for Cheslovia. At the mid-west of the city, in Esterhazi district, is the Musorov Kremlin, which is the home of President Urosh Dushanov and has many of the facilities for the national government, it also holds the Cheslovian National Archives and Musorov Art Gallery.

Transylvakia and Valdisia

The coat of arms of Transylvakia

The Transylvakian Republic is completely surrounded by Musorov and even has a portion of Musorov inside it. The Musorov Kremlin is inside Transylvakia, but other minor institutions are also located in the Bokakrian area of Musorov.

The Okrug of Valdisia is also completely surrounded by Musorov, however it is located inside Musorov National Park and no buildings are located inside it. The area is used as a meeting area for government officials.

City anthem

The city anthem was adopted on 26 July 2009. The anthem is not new to Cheslovi, it was used for a short time during the Kaznian Empire and also a short time during the Principality of Kaznia. In Cheslovia the song is known as, The Musorov Song, The Old Kaznia Song (or just The Kaznia Song).

Sister cities

  • Knapp - Fristehen (Since 2008)
  • Kaniv - Malokaz (Since 2008)

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