Principality of Kaznia

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The Principality of Kaznia (Russian) Княжество Казния
(Cheslovian) Осăг от Казнийа


Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

A map of Kaznia just before its last expansion phase
Motto: Long live Kaznia
National anthem: God be with you, land of Kaznia!
Capital Musorov
Official languages Russian, Cheslovian, English, five others co-official
Denonym Kaznian, Kaz
Government Absolute Monarchy (beginning and end), Parliamentary Monarchy (middle)
Leader King: Urosh Dushanov
Founded 11 March 2003 (as Amtin)

15 February 2007 (as Principality of Kaznia)

Reform into Cheslovian Federation 1 November 2009
Area 85 km²
Location North western Europe
Population 34
Currency Kaznian Oubel

The Principality of Kaznia was the previous version of he Cheslovian Federation. The Principality of Kaznia was known for its gradual transition from absolute monarchy to a more liberal type of government, it was also known for being the longest (to date) version of Kaznia which ever existed (lasting for two years), as compared to the Kaznian Empire which lasted for only 3–4 months.

The first and only King of Kaznia was Urosh Dushanov, however during mid 2007 the country was turned into a parliamentary monarchy, with Boris Groznayev as its Prime Minister. However this form of government did not last long and the nation reverted back to an absolute monarchy, it should be noted that the transition back to the monarchy was a result of a poorly organised governmental structure which caused more problem than it solved.


The Principality was formed after the Kaznian Rebirth on 15 February 2007. The principality was formed after a series of other short lived versions of Cheslovia. What made the post rebirth Kaznia different to all other forms of Kaznia, was its organisation and institutions. After the rebirth, Kaznia discovered other micronation (others which were not Old known micronaitons) , Kaznia had learnt much from the Republic of Molossia, and saw it as its unofficial "mentor", this view of Molossia exists to this day.


Post rebirth Kaznia referes to the time of the Principality between the dates of 15 February 2007 and 27 August 2007 (although the dates can vary slightly). During this time, Kaznia was very small in size and is recognised in Cheslovian history as being one of the smallest sizes Cheslovia has ever been. The main difference between Post rebirth Kaznia and modern Cheslovia are the aesthetics, this made the culture seem slightly different (although they were both based on Russian culture), for example, many Imperial Kaznian symbols were still being used, and the army was organised in a much different way to the present KDI and laws and policies resembled that of the Kaznian Empire. This period of time can unofficially be described as "a mixture of Imperial Kaznia, Kingdom of Kaznia and Federal Kaznia (of 2006) as well as the new* Kaznia (*meaning Principality of Kaznia).


Soon, approximately one week after the rebirth, the royal government established the Kaznian Army, which consisted of the entire nation. There was no enlisted personnel, instead when war occurred the nation would be conscripted into the army to defend the nation (similar to the Swiss army). The Kaznian Army was reformed a total of three times, the last reform saw the Kaznian Army dissolve, and be replaced by a completely new army called the Kaznian Defence Initiative.


The economy was was very similar to that of the economy of the modern Cheslovian Federation, it focused on extracting raw materials, such as wood and clay. The MSE (Musorov Stock Exchange) was set up in mid 2008 to help boost the economy and is still used in the Cheslovian Federation.

Many companies were set up in the time of the principality, these companies products added value to the Kaznian Oubel, these companies still exist in the Cheslovian Federation.