New Greenland

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New Greenland
Nya Grönland (Swedish)
Bśi Wpsbüibm (Mussian)
Location of New Greenland (red) within Thulia (green)
Location of New Greenland (red) within Thulia (green)
Country Thulia
Province established4 August 2022
Official languagesSwedish
• Governor
Eleanor Heinonen
• Vice governor
Alvin Hansson
• Total
0.003794 km2 (0.001465 sq mi)

New Greenland, officially the Province of New Greenland, is a province in Thulia. It is the third largest administrative division of Thulia by area, with a size of 0.003794 km2, constituting 4.26% of Thulia's land area. It borders Sweden in the north, south and west, and Korskaay in the east.

Fort Liberty

Fort Liberty is an abandoned military fortress on the Liberty Peninsula in western New Greenland. It occupies c. 0.002 km2 and has 2 artillery batteries on the west side of the fort. The walls of the fort span 93 metres (305 ft). The north wall of the fort does not have any artillery support but is defended by stinging nettles, stones and thistles. The fort was last used by Mussian forces during the Battle of Roineland.

Location of Liberty Peninsula.