Order of the Weisserian Commonwealth

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Order of the Weisserian Commonwealth
Ribbon bar of the Order
Awarded by Baron of Weisseria
TypeState order
Established16 February 2021
Royal houseSnyder-Carter
EligibilityCitizens of the Weisserian Commonwealth and its states.
FounderCarson Snyder
First induction16 February 2021
Last induction16 February 2021
Total inductees3
Next (higher)None (Highest)
Next (lower)None

The Order of the Weisserian Commonwealth was a state order founded by Carson Snyder on 16 February 2021. It was granted to citizens of the Weisserian Commonwealth who go above and beyond in their contributions back to the commonwealth. Potential members had to be suggested by the Baron of Weisseria and deliberated on with the legislature. The order had three ranks, Grand Master for the current Baron, Grand Officer for former Grand Masters, and Knight or Dame for citizens granted the order.[1]


List of current members of the Order
Carson Snyder Baron of Weisseria Grand Master 16 February 2021 [2]
1 Space Prime Minister of Weisseria Knight
2 Emberscale 1985 Official
3 Samoyed 1985 Official


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