Orley Strip

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Orley Strip
Languages spoken English, Russian
Date founded April 20, 2011
Population 1
Demonym Orlean
Governor Interim governors Yaroslav Mar and Stepan Ignatiev

Orley Strip is an autonomous province of the Republic of Lostisland, which was founded at April 20, 2011 when the Republic of Chernorus became part the Republic of Lostisland.

Orley crisis

1 August 2011, Grand Moff of the Strip Alexey Lavrov tried to separate it from Lostisland, but this secession had not been approved by Captains Regent of Lostisland, and 2 August 2011 by the Normative Act EX 03|02|08|11 of Captains Regent of Lostisland it was proclaimed as invalid. At the same day, Captains Regent had published an ORD CAR 06|02|08|11, depriving Lavrov from Lostislandic citizenship, appointing themselves as Interim Governors of the Strip, and declaring it as a restricted area with the prohibition of economic activities. Just after it, was published another Order - ORD CAR 07|02|08|11, which prohibited the presence on the Orlean territory without appropriate permit of Captains Regent. 9 August 2011 Captain Regent Stepan Ignatiev made an official appeal to Lostislandic nation, expressing the readiness of Lostislandic government to defend the Orley Strip to the bitter end. Fortunately, it had not became required, as the next day the conflict was over.

21 August 2011 Orley Strip was declared as a territory of the Volcanological National Reserve of Lostisland The governance over the Strip passed to the NURL. However, Captains Regent formally still remain being Interim Governors.


Temporal map of the Republic of Lostisland. Orley Strip - red on the image.

The Orley Strip is located on the northern part of the Lostislandic Hunter Island. There is a volcano, several mountains and a forest over it. The total territory of the Orley Strip is about 0,5 km2.


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Orley Strip

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