Penn National Party

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Penn National Party
PresidentPreetam Kapei
Vice PresidentVacant
Founded26 November 2022 (9 months ago) (2022-11-26)
Merger ofPenn Republican Party
HeadquartersDistrict of Medici
Membership (2022)1
IdeologySocial Democracy
Political positionLeft-Wing
Slogan"For a better future"
Federal Assembly
1 / 9

The Penn National Party, also known as the National Party of Penn, is a political party in the Penn Federal Republic. The party sits on the left of the political spectrum and considers itself as an alliance with liberals, democrats, socialists and democratic socialists.



The Leader of the Penn National Party is the head and most senior politician of the governing body of the Penn National Party. The Leader is responsible for approving party-related decisions and holds veto authority, as well as being the public face of the party. The current Leader is Preetam Kapei.